How Man Of Steel Set Up Supergirl For The Flash Movie

Supergirl is joining The Flash movie, and Man of Steel already helped set up the character in the DCEU. The Scarlet Speedster will soon be one of the most notable DC heroes present on the big screen. Ezra Miller, who was cast as Barry Allen back in 2014, will soon finally get to take center stage in his own film. After making brief cameos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, Barry’s solo film is coming up in the DCEU. Miller will also be reprising the part in Zack Snyder’s Justice League that drops on HBO Max next month. The Flash will be based on the “Flashpoint” comic book storyline where Barry messes with time after saving his mother from being killed in the past. This take on the classic story will also incorporate the DC Multiverse concept as Michael Keaton’s Batman will join Ben Affleck’s version of the character.

Director Andy Muschietti recently revealed another DC hero that many probably didn’t expect to show up. After testing over 425 actresses for the part, Sasha Calle was officially cast as Supergirl in the upcoming DCEU movie. This will be the second big-screen iteration of the Girl of Steel following Helen Slater who played her in 1984’s Supergirl. Aside from a beautiful announcement video where Calle learned from Muschietti that she had been cast, Supergirl’s exact role is unknown at this point. But with production now being underway on The Flash, details will hopefully begin to emerge throughout the year. Yet, despite Supergirl joining The Flash, Krypton’s Last Daughter was already set up in the DCEU in 2013.

While Clark may (or may not) appear in The Flash, Henry Cavill’s Superman film did lay some groundwork for Kara Zor-El’s DCEU existence. One of the crucial points in the Zack Snyder film was when Clark Kent discovers the Kryptonian scoutship that had been on Earth for thousands of years. Inside it, Clark discovers several pods, some containing skeletons while one pod is seen opened without anyone inside it. This is a follow-up to the events that the Man of Steel prequel comic, which came out ahead of the film. The story, which was co-written by Snyder and David S. Goyer, takes place thousands of years prior to Man of Steel while introducing Kara. In the prequel comic, Kara is one of the Kryptonians that leaves Krypton to go on an exploratory mission to discover planets that they could inhabit.

But the story’s main villain, Dev-Em, causes trouble for the crew that was assigned the scoutship that Clark finds in Man of Steel. As they went into cryostasis while traveling to their destination that was supposed to take 10 years, Dev-Em kills everyone except Kara. When Kara awakes, she discovers that she’s by herself before taking on Dev-Em. As Dev-Em and Kara have a showdown on board, the ship enters Earth before it crashes. While both of their fates are left unknown, a shadowed figure does exit the scout ship after it lands in Ellesmere Island, Canada. Thousands of years later, that same ship is discovered by Clark while also operating as Man of Steel‘s Fortress of Solitude.

The open pod has become a major point of speculation in Man of Steel as Snyder confirmed that it was a big DCEU setup. Even though he didn’t flat out say that it was Kara’s pod, he also didn’t say it wasn’t. Presumably, Kara has lived on Earth for thousands of years while not aging due to her Kryptonian abilities. It’s also possible that Dev-Em survived the crash and is also living on Earth which could be the payoff Snyder had in mind. However, it’s possible The Flash might not even rely on that comic. Despite many likely having not read it, The Flash could still tie the Man of Steel prequel comic in through exposition and flashbacks as it introduces Supergirl in the current DCEU.

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