How I Met Your Mother: The Main Characters, Ranked By Wealth

Like so many sitcoms, How I Met Your Mother focuses on a crucial time in the lives of its main characters, with one of the major worries of the characters – for four of the five at least – consistently being money. While some of them come from wealthy families, the viewers have found that the characters prefer to use their own income to financially support themselves. This means that each of the gang’s wealth fluctuates a few times as they navigate careers in their twenties/thirties.

By the end of the show, everyone seems to have achieved happiness and stability in terms of their careers, and financial troubles are pretty nonexistent for them. However, the question on everyone’s lips: Which member of the gang do fans believe is the wealthiest? Based solely on their wealth as individuals (and not including familial wealth and spousal wealth, etc.), fans can presume that these salaries are what each character had been picking up.

Lily’s financial standing is improved massively by being with Marshall. However, as an individual, she is the least wealthy member of the group throughout the nine seasons in terms of money.

For one, Lily herself has amassed incredible amounts of credit card debt over the years, hurting both her and Marshall financially. The main factor of her falling bottom, though, is the fact that she has the lowest paying job of the gang consistently. While Robin, Marshall, and Ted have all struggled at certain points of the story, Lily’s career as a Kindergarten teacher pays less than everyone else’s job. For the most part, she would have been earning between $50k and $70k a year on average (with $40k on the lower end and $100k on the high end).

By the end of the show, she works as an art consultant for the Captain, a job with an unknown salary that is purely based on who the individual works for. It is also important to note that fans have no knowledge of if she still does so in the flash-forwards. But either way, since everyone else’s career has progressed significantly by the end of the show, as an individual, Lily still falls bottom of the money ladder of the five.

If this list relied on familial wealth, Robin would most likely top it given her Dad’s rich lifestyle. However, just focusing solely on Robin, specifically in season nine, she is a close third to the gang’s other male members.

Starting as a lowly journalist on a local news station, it was a while before Robin got her big break. However, when the opportunity arose, she grabbed it with two hands and became an international news anchor for World Wide News. This would most likely have earned Robin around $100,000 a year (on average) just for that job. Her level of fame may have even pushed her over the $100k mark, with the fictional WWN likely competing with the huge stations in America. Although her brief career as Robin Sparkles brought her fame, it is unlikely that her royalties were high and didn’t add a significant amount to her individual wealth.

Marshall’s wealth fluctuates massively throughout the show, especially when fans consider the immense debt he takes on from law school and Lily. Shortly after graduating from law school, Marshall ended up changing jobs quite frequently. He took a high-paying corporate job at GNB to a relatively low-paying environmental job a few times, before he eventually became New York’s Supreme Court Judge.

If fans go off the show’s end, with Marshall being elected as a New York Supreme Justice, he would be earning just over $210,000. While he would be held back by the aforementioned debt, he does own his own home and an incredibly well-paying and important job. Marshall could even retire early from the judicial system if he wanted.

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