How Doctor Strange 2 Could Be Stephen Strange’s WandaVision

Stephen Strange could be set to have his very own WandaVision experience in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Benedict Cumberbatch’s sorcerer has been a fixture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since his debut in his self-titled movie back in 2016 but fans haven’t seen him in action since Avengers: Endgame. A movie that was considered an earth-shattering conclusion for the MCU as we know it, it had a profound impact on every character involved in its events, but it could be argued that nobody saw as much heartache as Doctor Strange himself. With that in mind, there is a chance that the aftermath of Endgame may result in an experience for Strange somewhat similar in theory to Disney+’s first-ever Marvel Studios series.

Stephen Strange was well aware of the fact that, out of 14,000,605 possible futures, there was only one way the MCU Avengers could defeat Thanos. As a result, he did what he said he would never do and surrendered the Time Stone to The Mad Titan in Avengers: Infinity War, knowing that it would ultimately result in their victory. However, it also resulted in half of the universe’s population being snapped out of existence for five years and the seemingly permanent deaths of Vision, Black Widow and Tony Stark. And that might be too much for even a mystical being like him to cope with.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will see the future Sorcerer Supreme unleash an unspeakable evil while combating a new foe with personal ties to him and his guilt over the loss of his allies and friends in Endgame could very well play into this. Strange initially didn’t like Tony Stark, but the two ended up respecting each other during and after their battles with Thanos, so it’s safe to say that even he feels some kind of remorse – or, again, guilt – for playing a part in Tony’s inevitable demise – especially when he couldn’t do anything to stop it. As the sequel will see him continue to research the Time Stone, perhaps he looks into the possibility of undoing what happened to his teammates. This right here could be what ultimately leads him to Scarlet Witch.

Elizabeth Olsen will reprise her role as Wanda Maximoff in the Doctor Strange sequel and Wanda is currently having her own problems processing the grief she feels over Vision’s death – a process that has seen her attempt to undo the loss of her beloved Vision by seemingly creating a sitcom world in which he is alive. WandaVision will have some kind of connection to Doctor Strange 2, with fans theorizing that Doctor Strange could end up saving Wanda from her own magic. However, it’s also entirely possible that the two cross paths because Strange ends up responding to his guilt in a similar way to Wanda. Both of them lost people that day and, in spite of their incredible magical powers, none of them were able to save their allies and loved ones. Whether or not that influences the unspeakable evil he unleashes – or what ultimately opens a gateway to the multiverse – remains to be seen, but the pair’s respective breakdowns (if Strange does indeed have one) could be what eventually brings them together. If this were to happen, would one of the magic-wielding beings have to save the other from themselves?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is still some time away and Benedict Cumberbatch will be appearing in Spider-Man 3 first. As Stephen Strange is expected to make an attempt at filling the Tony Stark-shaped hole in Peter Parker’s life as a mentor figure, he may feel it’s his duty to honor Tony’s memory. If his desire to do right by Tony does stem from whatever it is he is feeling – be it guilt or grief – over his inability to prevent Iron Man’s death, it could ultimately result in a character journey in his upcoming sequel similar to that of Wanda’s in WandaVision, showing audiences a new side to the character in the process.

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