How Destiny’s Universe Is Expanding Beyond Destiny 2

In a recent press release Bungie, creators of the Destiny franchise, announced big changes indicating that the universe is going to be expanding from the existing games into other forms of media. In the article, Bungie discuss the acquisition of a much larger headquarters, the possibility of an international office, the addition of new talents and executives, and even two new members to their board of directors. Looking at these changes as a whole, it’s easy to see that Bungie is gearing up for a large scale expansion.

First on the list, Bungie plans to expand their headquarters to a massive 208,000 square feet (more than twice the size it is currently) by late 2022 and specifically cite the long-term development of Destiny 2, the desire to tell new stories in the Destiny universe, and the creation of new IPs as the reason behind this expansion. Furthermore, in 2022, Bungie also has plans to open an international office in Amsterdam. New IPs aside, both of these clearly indicate heavy investment into the Destiny universe, far beyond the scope of a single game.

Detailed next in Bungie’s announcement is the addition of key talents and a reorganization of existing executives split into three parts – new additions to the team, other members being assigned to new roles, and finally others working on new IPs. The most interesting and relevant part in this section is part two, which details that Mark Noseworthy and Luke Smith (Vice President and Executive Creative Director, respectively) have been appointed “to oversee and prepare for the expansion of the Destiny Universe into additional media.” To shift such influential figures to this goal shows Bungie is serious about committing to this wider universe.

Finally, the article ends with the addition of two new members to Bungie’s board of directors – Trace Harris and Pamela Kaufman. The significant thing about both of them is their knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry, with Harris having spent years as a global finance and strategy director and Kaufman as a president of global consumer products. Both are very experienced in the entertainment industry at large, so their addition here forecasts what direction Bungie are likely heading in.

Putting all this together, the future of the Destiny franchise can be predicted with at least some degree of accuracy. While Destiny 2 itself will no doubt be added to through the upcoming Witch Queen and Lightfall expansions and beyond, the Destiny universe itself is clearly breaking out of being just a game. With the addition of new board members, reassigning and acquiring of new talent and a headquarters expansion, it is very likely that Bungie plans to create a whole swathe of Destiny content – TV shows, merchandise, other games and even films are all potentially on the table, given the size of these changes and how seriously Bungie is investing and expanding into them.

Source: Bungie

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