How D&D Sorcerers Can Become A Powerful Party Support Class

The Sorcerer class in Dungeons & Dragons is a powerful spellcaster that tends to play the role of damage dealer for a party. Despite their unique strengths, Sorcerers are often considered inferior to Wizards in D&D, since the latter has access to more spells and therefore is the more versatile class. For players interested in the unique strengths of Sorcerers, they should consider building a support character with abilities that D&D’s Wizards do not have access to.

Introduced in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, the Divine Soul subclass is one of D&D‘s strongest for Sorcerers. A combination between a divine and arcane spellcaster, Divine Soul Sorcerers are able to choose spells from either the Sorcerer or Cleric spell lists. In addition, Divine Soul Sorcerer’s gain an extra spell based on their alignment. Considering one of a Sorcerers biggest drawbacks in Dungeons & Dragons is a lack of known spells, gaining even one extra option can be very helpful.

On top of having access to the Cleric spell list, Divine Soul Sorcerers gain an important class feature to help them support their party. The Empowered Healing feature allows Dungeons & Dragons Sorcerers to spend a sorcerery point in order to reroll the number of health points restored from a spell. Not only does this feature work for the Sorcerer’s spell themselves, but it can also work for any other healing spell, provided the ally is within 5 feat. This means that Sorcerers can make an impact on the wellbeing of the entire D&D party even if they don’t focus on healing, and instead want to make use of other spells.

Having access to Cleric spells in Dungeons & Dragons is powerful as is, but becomes even better when mixed with a Sorcerer’s Metamagic ability. Possibly the most useful Metamagic option for Divine Soul Sorcerers is Twinned Magic, since it allows a spell to be cast on two targets instead of one. If this ability is used on a a powerful spell such as Heal, it can entirely save two allies and change the tide of a fight. Of course, Sorcerers can also use their Metamagic ability along with spells from their own spell list, such as Fly or Haste, in order to buff their partner even further.

Beyond D&D‘s Divine Soul Subclass itself, there are a few additional choices a Sorcerer can make in order to help their party. By multiclassing as a Life Cleric in Dungeons & Dragons, a Sorcerer can gain access to heavy armor, making them much more durable in combat. Life Clerics also gain the Disciple of Life ability, which provides a consistent boost to a character’s healing. With the combination of Divine Soul Sorcerer and Life Cleric features and spells, players can make a major impact on every Dungeons & Dragons encounter.

Wizards tend to be the stronger spellcaster when it comes to versatility in D&D, but with the right build Sorcerers can fill out an important niche. With access to powerful spells and the ability to augment them, Divine Soul Sorcerers make a useful support character for every Dungeons & Dragons party.

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