How Among Us’ New Map Can Make Impostor Kills Harder

There are a lot of great qualities Among Us has, but Impostors seem to be able to get the upper hand more often than the Crewmates. This isn’t just thanks to players becoming suspicious and argumentative inside Among Us’ emergency meetings – although that definitely is a factor – but also because there just aren’t that many giveaways as to who is and who isn’t an Impostor.

In Among Us’ smaller maps this isn’t as much of an issue, but in locations like Polus it can become easy to lose track of other Crewmates for lengthy amounts of time. Not only does this make the intervals between body discoveries longer, but it makes it more difficult to determine who was or who wasn’t nearby at the time of the murder. Other Among Us maps, like MIRA-HQ, allow Impostors to dart from vent to vent quickly, bypassing the airlock checkpoints normal Crewmates have to go through.

Since the upcoming Among Us map The Airship with be the game’s largest location yet, Crewmates should be given a little boost to help them determine where or who an Impostor is. By combining the airlock mechanics seen on Polus and MIRA-HQ with the functionality of the Body Scan task, Among Us could include a room where EVERY player is scanned when they pass through, thus creating a chokepoint for Among Us’ Impostors to try and get through.

By making one area where every Among Us crewmate is scanned (not just the innocent ones) InnerSloth could add a new element of strategy to Impostor gameplay. In this theoretical hallway, an alarm would go off if anyone inside was an Impostor, but if there were four players in the airlock at once none of those four (well, none of the three) would know who it was. If a Crewmate is nearby and they hear the alarm go off, they might could have a chance to catch the Impostor in time, or they might not. Impostors would also have to come up with excuses to not use the airlock if they are worried they might get discovered, and players who avoid the “medical scan hallway” too much might be seen as suspicious whether they mean to or not.

Having a room which scans not just healthy Crewmates but also Impostors would add another interesting element of subterfuge to Among Us, and could allow for more interesting in-game strategies in the future. While players aren’t yet entirely sure just exactly how much additional gameplay and tasks Among Us’ new map The Airship will bring, adding in some sort of airlock like this would definitely be a big improvement on the already stellar gameplay.

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