House Of The Dragon: 10 Spoilers For The Game Of Thrones Prequel Series Only Book Fans Know

As the final season of Game of Thrones continues to be debated among fans, the first spin-off series House of the Dragon is getting ready to start production. The prequel series will take a look at the long and bloody civil war over the Iron Throne between factions of the Targaryen family when they were at the height of their power.

The show will be set around 200 years before the events of the original series. However, those who have read George R.R. Martin’s books already know many of the exciting characters who will be introduced in the show and the shocking ways the story will play out. While the show could deviate considerably, only those looking for some big spoilers for House of the Dragon should read on.

While there have been many questionable kings in Westeros over the years, Viserys Targaryen (Paddy Considine) is generally looked on as a competent one. The only problem was with his line of succession.

Viserys named his daughter Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D’Arcy) as his heir initially, but when he married his second wife Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cooke) they had a son, Aegon, complicating matters. Viserys, however, refused to remove Rhaenyra as his heir. Upon his Viserys’s death, against his wishes, Alicent named Aegon as king and killed any members of the Small Council who disagreed.

When young Aegon was announced as king following the death of the king, Rhaenyra coronated herself as the true ruler and made her plans to take the Iron Throne. Though she had fewer allies, she had more dragons. She sent her sons to recruit Westeros’ lords to her cause.

Her son Lucerys flew his dragon to Storm’s End to meet with the lord there, but upon his arrival, he found Aegon’s brother Prince Aemon already there with his dragon. As Lucerys flew back home, Aemon attacked him in midair. Lucerys’s dragon’s head has torn off and Lucerys fell to his death marking the first major casualty in the war.

In response to Lucerys’s death, Rhaenyra’s husband Prince Daemon plotted revenge. He sent word to King’s Landing where two criminals known as Blood and Cheese were hired to carry out the mission.

The criminals snuck into the Red Keep and found Aegon’s wife Queen Helaena and her children. They then forced Helaena to choose which of the children they would kill before killing Aegon’s heir, Prince Jaehaerys anyway. If included in the show, this could make for one of the most disturbing moments in the series.

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