Harry Potter: Wizards Ranked Lamest To Most Powerful

Magic is a crucial part of the Harry Potter series, but not all wizards are created equal. Since the series focuses largely on the exceptional people in the wizarding world, many of the main characters including the antagonists, are more powerful than the average witch or wizard. However, this isn’t true for everyone.

Some of the witches and wizards Harry interacts with are fairly weak and aren’t good at magic at all for one reason or another. And, a few are so much more powerful and knowledgeable than the rest that others don’t compare. Since there are many weak and strong magic users in the story, this list looks at some of the most notable characters.

Gilderoy Lockhart is by far one of the most pathetic characters in the entire series. While there are others who don’t have magic at all or who can’t really use it such as Hagrid who was expelled, Gilderoy has magic but is just really bad at it.

He manipulates, lies, and cheats to seem strong and special, but he can’t even deal with some pixies on his own. He’s probably the weakest wizard that Harry ever encounters.

Peter Pettigrew is just as pathetic as Lockhart, but he does seem to be slightly better at magic than him. Most of the magic he does is under the direction of Voldemort, but when told what to do, he can at least perform spells.

However, he’s also a very weak and sniveling person who is not powerful in his own right, and this is why he’s always looking for others to protect him.

Trelawney is definitely a fraud in many ways. All of the claims she makes as a professor and the way she teaches are useless and false. However, she does have the innate ability to be a powerful seer.

So, there is one thing about her that is strong magically. Yet, this isn’t something she has any power over, and in every other way, she’s not very capable. So, overall, she’s pathetic, but she does have a unique gift.

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