Harry Potter Meets The Vampire Diaries: 5 Couples That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn’t)

Although one world is a world of vampires and the other is a world of witchcraft and wizardry, it’s safe to say that the fictional universes of The Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter have more similarities than differences. And one thing that these universes undeniably share in common is that they are chock-full of characters who find themselves thrust into a dangerous supernatural world that they can’t control and don’t always understand.

But if the characters of TVD and HP actually came face to face, what would their relationships be like? Who would make great couples, and which duos would be destined for a breakup?

Jeremy Gilbert and Cho Chang occupy similar spaces within their respective franchises. Although they’re often pushed to the side, they actually have a lot to offer.

Jeremy was initially cast off as nothing more than Elena’s kid brother, but not only did he handle his introduction into the vamp world well, he actually had a lot of hidden talent. And the same goes for Cho, while she was never close to being a member of the core Golden Trio, she was a certified badass.

Matt Donovan is a genuinely good person who adjusted fairly well to the supernatural world he was abruptly thrown into, all things considered. However, it’s obvious that if he had the choice, he would live a perfectly normal human life.

Luna Lovegood¬†clearly occupies the opposite end of the spectrum. Not only is she an incredibly talented witch, but she loves all things strange and supernatural, so she and Matt’s personality types certainly wouldn’t blend well.

When Tyler Lockwood transformed into a werewolf, his entire personality transformed too. He may not have ever been the chosen one like Harry Potter, but when Tyler was confronted with harsh choices and moral quandaries, he really stepped up to the plate.

And while the Harry Potter films didn’t really do Ginny Weasley justice, she seems like just the kind of girl who would pair up with Tyler well. She’s tough, independent, and has her own life, but she’s a ride-or-die for her boyfriend and isn’t afraid of danger.

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