Harry Potter: 5 Ways Snape’s Ending Is Fitting (& 5 Why It Makes No Sense)

In the Harry Potter series, Severus Snape is one of the most complex characters with a rather drawn-out and controversial character arc. Many fans have strong feelings about the character, and while some love his redemption arc, others feel it wasn’t deserved at all.

How any particular fan feels about Snape’s ending in the series is probably largely dependent on how they feel about the character overall. But, whether a fan generally loves him or hates him, there are some ways this ending was fitting in the context of the story and other ways that it just didn’t make that much sense at all.

While this point doesn’t just have to do with his ending, it is a big part of it. Many of his most significant memories that he lets Harry see have to do with Lily and that relationship. And, while it does make sense that she and those memories were influential, his inability to let go of her, despite how he treated her, isn’t admirable at all. It’s rather creepy and strange, and the fact Harry doesn’t seem bothered by it either doesn’t make a lot of sense.

While Snape’s memories might give context to him as a character and the choices they made, they still don’t suddenly make him into a hero. The memories still show that he was deeply flawed and made some awful, harmful choices. And, at the end of the day, they don’t make him seem like a kind of charming person. So, in that sense, the memories do help readers make sense of Snape while still showing his complexity.

While some fans think Snape deserves to be seen as a hero, others aren’t as convinced. The way Snape dies and then gives Harry this final information makes it seem like he is much more selfless than he really was. While it’s’ true that he lived as a double agent and that was very difficult, his motivations for doing so were far from pure. Even if he did feel he really loved Lily, his approach to that love is deeply toxic.

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