Harry Potter: 5 Best Departments In The Ministry Of Magic (& 5 The Worst)

In the Harry Potter series, the Ministry of Magic was the majority employer of the Wizarding World, with many Hogwarts graduates working in the government. Although lax and corrupt at times, the Ministry did some things right on occasion, with certain departments and offices running fairly.

While there were seven overall departments, the functions of offices under them were so autonomous that they were largely perceived as departments of their own. Some worked well in tandem for the departments to be considered altogether, while other offices didn’t follow this practice. This is why it’s worth checking out which ones did their jobs well and which were the worst at it.

There are a number of likable Muggles in the series, none of whom had any connection with the Wizarding World other than through family members who were witches or wizards. The Muggle Liaison Office is supposed to bridge this gap yet they did nothing.

Their job was meant to be responsible for Wizard-Muggle relations, yet it was confirmed that a teacher from Hogwarts was the one who contacted Muggle-Borns. Since Muggles weren’t part of the Wizarding World in general, it’s clear the Muggle Liaison Office didn’t do much of anything.

The office that saw the most success was this one, as the number of Aurors and Hit Wizards were largely successful and competent in dealing with dark wizards. The likes of Kingsley Shackelbot, Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks, and others were all able, along with having a sense of integrity.

The Aurors were also credited with rounding up most of the Death Eaters, with the ones that were let go not being their mistake since their job was to apprehend them and not convict them. Under Harry’s role as head of this department, the Auror Office soared to new heights.

Being the high court of law, one would assume the Wizengamot to be the best one to function. However, that was hardly the case as the department was rampant with corruption that easily overruled the good personalities within it, and let off evil wizards like Lucius Malfoy due to his influence.

The Wizengamot easily disposed of its Chief Warlock in Albus Dumbledore to make a mockery out of Harry’s hearing, with only Dumbledore’s keen lawyer skills getting Harry cleared. The Wizengamot also authorized the use of illegal spells during the Wizarding War, along with easily being overthrown by negative personalities like Dolores Umbridge to wrongfully convict witches and wizards.

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