Harry Potter: 10 Things About Ravenclaw House That Make No Sense

Harry Potter became famous for its characters as well as the intricate and complex world it takes place in. The world-building included Hogwarts as well, with its four houses.

Most attention was directed to Gryffindor since this was the house Harry and his friends belonged to. However, the other three houses were there as well, and multiple things about Ravenclaw prove that not everything about the wizarding world makes sense.

Ravenclaw is the place for the most intelligent young minds. Except not all of its current or former students are as brilliant as one might presume. One such example is Moaning Myrtle. It’s true that her personality might have changed once she became a ghost, but unlike the living Ravenclaws Myrtle is no genius. She’s sneaky and good at spying on people, but if she was truly smart, she would have figured out a basilisk was after her.

Each house seems to have a certain clique of students who are more popular than others. Everybody loves them but is also envious of them sometimes. One might think that Ravenclaw, with its abundance of intelligent students, would avoid putting people into boxes, but Ravenclaw students still play the eternal favorite and outcast game that’s so typical for schools.

This fact concerns both Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Unlike Slytherins, who are disliked by other houses, Ravenclaw has a good rep. But just like any other Hogwarts house, even Ravenclaw produced evil wizards or at least those who weren’t nice people. One example is Gilderoy Lockhart who stole other people’s heroic deeds and erased their memories. It’s not on the same level as killing people but it’s still far from good. Quirrell, who also attended Ravenclaw, was far worse as he made a pact with Voldemort himself. To be fair to Ravenclaw, it’s not the house’s fault if it sometimes contains a rotten apple.

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