Hades Fan Streams Game Using Controller Made Of Pomegranate

A streamer known for using weird, makeshift controllers to play video games has been at it again, this time with the award-winning Hades which was released out of early access in September last year. Since then it has won Game Of The Year from multiple publications, and Best Indie and Best Action from the Game Awards 2020. It is a roguelike dungeon-crawler that uses a hack and slash type of combat, and its focus on speed gives players a dash ability that they can use to execute attacks quickly and avoid both close-up and ranged attacks to remain alive. Naturally, streamer Rudeism thought this fast and frantic game was the perfect game to play using some slices of pomegranate.

Rudeism is no stranger to unconventional controls, as he has made a habit of taking a core aspect of a game and turning it into a hilarious controller. He keeps his viewers entertained with popular internet sensations, like the time he managed to win a Fall Guys crown using jelly beans to control his jelly bean character. He also goes back to the classics though and took on The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time with an actual ocarina, using sound inputs to control his character. This gets especially entertaining when he stops to talk to his audience and Link starts to act strangely, pulling a chicken out of his pocket.

PCGamesN explained how Rudeism cuts his pomegranate into ten pieces and arranges them over a white tea towel with movement under one hand, attacks and abilities under the other, and his slice linked to his ultimate attack ends up not working, but he isn’t fussed by this at all. He’s gotten pretty good with wires after all his special setups, and he just sticks some wires into the flesh of each slice and has one end taped to his arm and the other connected to a circuit board, so that when he touches a slice it completes the circuit. He did pretty well with his pomegranate, reaching the boss fight with Hades himself. Usually using an element of the game to match with a controller, the only connection between this particular fruit and Hades is perhaps that players can receive a pomegranate as a power-up.

Of course, Rudeism isn’t the only gamer to experiment with different ways to control games. Many modders have created their own challenges ranging from playing Dark Souls 3 with bananas to combining fitness with video games, like using the Ring Fit Adventure controller to play The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. A modder even hooked up a treadmill to control Death Stranding by walking, really highlighting why people have referred to the game as a walking simulator.

Rudeism seems to have chosen Hades to attempt with rudimentary controls partly because it’s popular at the moment, and partly because despite its difficulty, Rudeism has made 87 complete runs through the game, so he knows what he’s doing by this point. This doesn’t make his terrible controller choice any less impressive though, as he shows what really can be done with a bit of ingenuity. Rudeism often supports Able Gamers, a charity that helps disabled gamers, and as well as being entertaining, his various different controllers could help people from all walks of life enjoy video games.

Hades is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Source: PCGamesN

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