GTA Online: How to Play Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part is the sick way GTA Online is celebrating Valentine’s Day. This guide will show players how they can play this game mode. For a limited time, the game is offering triple the amount of GTA$ and RP for participating in the Till Death Do Us Part game mode up until the end of February 17th. Valentine’s Day events have been a staple in online video games for decades. While it can be challenging to imagine putting GTA Online and romance together, the Till Death Do Us Part game mode has a unique way of putting them together. This guide will show players how they can participate in the game mode.

Till Death Do Us Part is one of the Adversary Modes available in GTA Online. For this game mode, players are broken up into 2 different teams, each with a single life. If one of the teammates dies, the other one also immediately dies. Players can regain health by standing close to one another. They take the phrase “Till Death Do Us Part” a bit more seriously in this game mode. Players will then need to take each other out until only one couple is left standing. What a romantic way to celebrate a holiday of love. This guide will show players how they can participate in this game mode.

In order to participate in Till Death Do Us Part, players will need to head to the Adversary Mode. Here is how players can get there.

From here, players will be able to invite another player to participate. The name of the game is teamwork so make sure to communicate to be the last team standing. Love is in the air in Los Santos. Regardless, the game continues to add new content and events for its players to enjoy. This event will only last for a limited time so make sure to collect those bonuses before they expire. Hopefully, Valentine’s Day events continue to populate the gaming space when they arrive every February. There’s something so charming about playing one of the world’s most violent video games and becoming sentimental when something happens to your partner. Even Rockstar Games has a heart of gold.

GTA Online is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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