GTA 4: Liberty City’s Creepy Statue Of Happiness Easter Egg Explained

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 4 has plenty of Easter eggs to keep players entertained, but perhaps none is as memorable as the Statue of Happiness. To get to the heart of the game – literally – follow these steps and discover one of GTA 4‘s creepiest hidden secrets.

The Statue of Happiness is clearly a nod to the real-world Statue of Liberty, located in New York City, which the GTA franchise’s Liberty City is modelled after. Not only can the statue be found in GTA 4, but also in The Lost and Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

There are a variety of differences the Fandom GTA Wiki has noted between the real Statue of Liberty and the Statue of Happiness. The latter, for instance, holds a tablet in her left hand and cup of some sort in her right. While the real statue also holds a tablet in her left hand, she holds a raised torch in her right. Similarly, the Statue of Happiness has a more aged-looking face than the Statue of Liberty. In fact, GTA 4‘s Statue of Happiness appears to be based on real-world politician Hilary Clinton.

But it isn’t just the Statue of Happiness’ appearance that’s had GTA 4 players talking. If players make it to the statue, which is located on Happiness Island, they’re in for an even bigger surprise. The island can be reached by swimming, but it’s easier and faster to use a helicopter or boat. Players will also need a helicopter to access the upper portion of the statue. Players can pay a visit to Higgins Helitours on Algonquin island (or steal one of the many boats lining Algonquin’s west side) in order to make their way to Happiness Island.

Once players enter the Statue of Happiness, they’ll be greeted by a living, beating heart. GTA 4 players will need to use a helicopter to access the upper platform, where they’ll find a door on the south side. Over the door is a sign reading “No Hidden Content This Way.” Through the door, players will find a ladder that allows them to climb up within the Statue of Happiness’ body. At the top of the ladder, they’ll find the heart.

So, what can players do with the heart? Unfortunately, not much. No matter how hard players try, the heart is indestructible. There’s no way to damage or destroy Grand Theft Auto 4’s creepy Statue of Happiness heart Easter egg – though players can make it bleed, if they feel so inclined.

Source: GTA Fandom

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