Grey’s Anatomy: The Male Characters, Ranked By Their Romantic Partner Potential

The men in the ABC medical/human drama Grey’s Anatomy range from dreamy, sensitive, and responsible to hostile, domineering, and unfaithful. Although human relationships are a crucial aspect of the show and one of its most beloved storylines has been the love story between Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd, or MerDer as fans call them, not all the men in the series would make great romantic partners.

In fact, most of the characters on the show are flawed, making them flesh and blood, but also making some of them better potential partners than others. Who among the following has the best potential to give a partner thei happily ever after?

Richard might be a good man but unfortunately, a bit of a disappointment when it comes to his potential as a romantic partner. Richard’s past history with women has been dubious at best, with him cheating on his wife Adele twice at various moments in time, first with Ellis Grey and then with Catherine Fox.

Richard is prone to falling for other women, and also suffers from some professional insecurities as he himself revealed once. He had been jealous of Ellis winning the Harper Avery, which had finally sealed his decision of not leaving his wife after all. Jealousy, insecurities, and unfaithfulness in a relationship are some of the worst qualities in a potential romantic partner.

Alex Karev was an arrogant man the first time fans met him, and god knows he made a terrible partner to Izzie Stevens who tried extremely hard with him, even though the two were adorable together.

In time, Alex had mellowed. But as his abrupt exit from Jo’s life, and consequently the show, revealed, he would still be unreliable and moody, none of which are highly coveted in a romantic partner.

Owen cheated on Cristina which puts him right towards the bottom of this list. He is a polarizing character with some loving him while others hate him. And his relationships to date on the show have been a roller coaster journey every time, mostly because he has been pretty confused with what he wanted from life.

However, Owen also helped Cristina through her PTSD, especially after the devastating plane crash of the season 8 finale, and helped Amelia come to terms with Derek’s untimely passing. So at least he would be there for his partner when they most need him.

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