Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith’s 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Traits

Meredith Grey, the central protagonist of the long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, is a strong, empowered character, but it is the flaws in her nature that make her all that much more relatable and real to the audience.

As one of Shondaland’s most inspiring heroines, Meredith has had a lot going on in her life. And she has overcome every hardship that might have easily destroyed others in her place. But even if she has saved many lives and been a great mother to her kids, she has also acted rashly and been cold and distant to those who deserved better.

Meredith is not the warmest of people and especially in the first few seasons, she even appeared somewhat stuck up. She didn’t stand out as being particularly kind and was positively cold and rude to certain people like Lexie, who didn’t deserve such behavior.

She was also very rude to Maggie Pierce at first, and that was even before she had revealed herself to be her half-sister. Meredith is generally never forthcoming to new people, and especially those who claim some kind of familial connection to her, even if that is through Derek. For instance, she was not a ray of sunshine to Derek’s sisters, Amelia and Liz, let alone her own half-sisters.

Meredith might have been cold to others, but she was a very good friend, at least to Cristina, her ‘person’, and then later to Alex who had taken on that mantle.

She followed the code between friends, keeping secrets for Cristina and looking out for her. For instance, she knew something was wrong with Burke’s hand but didn’t divulge anything to Derek or anyone else as she was shielding Cristina. Still, later, she was skeptical of her getting married to Owen right after the traumatic shooting incident of season 6, and tried to caution Cristina against hurrying into something she might regret.

Meredith is thoughtless at times. She leaps before thinking about the consequences and other people often have to pay for her actions. For instance, when she took off with little Zola, her action almost cost her and Derek their chance to legally adopt the baby. And all this happened because she had taken it in her hands to tamper with Derek’s clinical trial in the first place and had been fired from the hospital.

What she did was well-meant, but she didn’t think about how it could affect her, Derek, and even the hospital’s reputation. Still later, when she committed insurance fraud to help a patient, her actions put DeLuca in trouble as he took the blame onto himself, and both Alex and Richard were fired from Grey Sloan Memorial for standing up for her.

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