Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Relationships That Fans Knew Were Doomed From The Start

In real life, hindsight is always 20/20 and it’s hard to tell from the start of a relationship that it’s going to end badly. When watching a TV show, it’s much easier to spot the problems and flaws when two beloved characters start dating. Sometimes the couple can make it work, but in the case of Grey’s Anatomy, many romances have no hope of happy endings.

Fans get very excited about certain couples on the popular TV drama, but there are some pairs who were bad news from the very beginning. Whether they ignored a major issue or had nothing in common, fans didn’t expect them to live happily ever after.

Cristina and Owen felt differently about having children and their relationship seemed doomed from the beginning.

No matter how much they loved each other, they couldn’t move on from this, as there’s no good compromise with this topic. Viewers watched them circle around the same problem over and over again, and they also had some other hurdles, such as Owen’s PTSD. Even fans who wished that they would find a way to stay together knew that when they finally broke up, it was definitely for the best.

Cristina was one of the most intelligent characters on Grey’s Anatomy and she’s still missed. She needs an incredibly respectful partner who wants her to shine and doesn’t get jealous of her ambition and passion.

Even when they were engaged, it was clear that they were having problems, as Burke wanted a bigger and more conventional big day than Cristina was interested in. It seemed like he expected her to change for him, and when he left her at the altar, it was dramatic but not super shocking. Cristina deserves more than someone who runs away when things get serious.

When Jackson and April got together, it was because Jackson showed up at her wedding to Matthew.

This is a pretty melodramatic way to begin a relationship, and things only went downhill from there. Jackson and April might have wanted to be together, but when they lost their baby, they couldn’t seem to support each other. They were always fighting and they didn’t seem to understand what the other person wanted or needed.

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