Google Stadia: Best & Worst Things About Stadia Pro

Google has always been a pioneer in ingenious developments, including fascinating things that users can do on their Net Hubs, or even the Chromebooks, to name a few. Similarly, they entered the foray of gaming with the launch of their game-streaming platform Google Stadia, released as an alternative for console gaming. Although Google has been in the gaming scene with its many Google Doodle games, the release of Stadia solidified its presence in the field.

While there were many theories regarding the success or failure of Google Stadia, it cannot be argued that the platform is one of its kind and has even forced competitors to up their game and explore streaming gaming. With the introduction of Stadia Pro, the subscription-based package of Google Stadia, there have been many confusions and questions as to the features it will offer and how good it would be compared to pre-existing streaming gaming services like Steam, PlayStation Now, and Nvidia GeForce Now. On that note, people planning to subscribe to Stadia Pro should be aware of the best and worst things that the package has to offer.

With the launch of Stadia Pro, players subscribing to the package need to know that they do have to buy each game that they wish to play. However, the silver lining lies in the fact that most of these games have lucrative discounts that are oftentimes better than the limited discounts that players might find on the standard or free package of Stadia.

These discount deals keep on rotating once every month and can even provide 50-70% off of the retail price, depending on the sale. Although the discounts offered on Stadia Pro are not as good as those offered on PlayStation Store or Steam, they are still a cause for delight for users planning to opt for this alternative to console gaming.

A cause for concern for users planning to buy Stadia Pro has to be the fact that Stadia does not compute user inputs only five-meters away in a PC tower or console, but rather on servers located thousands of miles away, connected via a Wi-Fi connection. The official recommendation from Google has been to use an internet connection with a minimum speed of 10Mbps to enjoy seamless gaming.

This might not be a problem for most European players, however, North American players, which make up the home market of Google, will face problems as there still remain many places with no fiber connection or weak internet. While Google has promised to negate the issue of latency by reducing it to the extent that it is less than the preexisting latency that exists between a Bluetooth controller and a gaming console by the use of a technique known as “Negative Latency”; latency remains a major issue of Stadia Pro.

There were rumors preceding the launch of Stadia Pro that games purchased on the platform will not be owned by the players, but rather the players will only own the right to play them. However, this does not seem to be the case, as all games once purchased, remain in the player’s possession, regardless of whether they unsubscribe from the Pro package.

While unsubscribing from the Pro package will close the user’s access to monthly free games, those which have already been purchased are sure to remain. Furthermore, Google has made great efforts to ensure that most of the games available on their platform remain on it, and therefore, chances of these leaving the platform are slim.

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