Goodbye Venom, Eddie Brock Just Became Marvel’s New [SPOILER]

Warning: spoilers ahead for King in Black #4 from Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman!

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ King in Black event, the assembled heroes of the Marvel Universe are engaged in a renewed offensive against Knull the Symbiote God and Eddie Brock is given an all new role beyond being Venom, and he could potentially provide the upper hand the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and more have been waiting for. Knull has defeated the heroes at almost every turn, having nearly taken over the entire world by covering it in a large symbiote dome to block out the sun. However, there might now be some hope in future issues thanks to Eddie Brock.

In previous issues of King in Black, from writer Donny Cates with art by Ryan Stegman, Knull managed to claim several heroes in the first wave of his invasion, which was centralized on New York. Despite Captain America and Venom having planned and prepared Earth’s defenses for months, they still underestimated the King in Black’s power. At the end of the first issue, Knull ripped the Venom symbiote off of Eddie Brock, and subsequently killed him by throwing him off a skyscraper.

Now, those that survived the first wave have come up with a new plan, combining their strengths on a massive scale to simultaneously hit Knull with an incredible synergy and surge of power. Meanwhile, X-Woman Jean Grey probes Knull’s mind, learning that the Symbiote god of darkness has an opposite existing in the light. King in Black #4 sees this opposite god of light struggling to break through the symbiote dome Knull had created, but the Silver Surfer helps the light break through. This god of light then heads straight to its desired host. Remarkably, Mr. Fantastic identifies this god of light as the Enigma Force, understanding now that it’s always been a symbiote of a whole different (and opposite) caliber. However, the real surprise comes when the Enigma Force revives Brock, choosing him to be its new Captain Universe to fight back against the King in Black.

Longtime Marvel fans know that the Enigma Force has always been just that: an enigmatic and mysterious force of unknown origin. However, the truth has finally come to light that it’s a symbiote itself. Many Marvel heroes such as Spider-Man, Daredevil, X-23, the Hulk, and more have all been temporarily chosen by the Enigma Force in Marvel Comics’ past, though it seems like Eddie Brock may finally be the perfect host it’s been looking for.

Not only will Brock more than likely come back from the grave physically in the next issue (mentally his soul was still alive as a symbiote codex), he’ll also become the next Captain Universe. However, will he still be searching for his other half Venom that was taken from him? Perhaps the true key to defeating Knull is a combination of symbiotes merged to the perfect host. In any case, Marvel fans are in for a wild ride now that the heroes have a fighting chance against the King in Black as the event continues from Marvel Comics.

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