Godzilla vs. Kong Images Reveal New Neon Looks At Movie’s Big Fight

New images for Godzilla vs. Kong have revealed more of the titan’s big neon-lit battle, as well as a new look at the film’s human characters. Several different fights between the two monsters have been teased so far, promising a multi-stage duel over the course of the film. Godzilla vs. Kong release in US theaters and on HBO Max on March 31.

As the clash of the MonsterVerse’s two lead titans draws closer, debate continues over which will win. The trailer footage and promotional images released so far have shown King Kong making good use of his mobility and dexterity against Godzilla, even fashioning some sort of giant battle axe that seems to block the lizard’s trademark atomic fire breath. Kong has been positioned as the hero of the movie, and Godzilla as the villain, though the true antagonists may be lurking in the shadows pulling the latter titan’s strings.

New images released via Total Film give fans another glimpse into the battle to come. Two shots show the neon city showdown teased in the trailer – one with Kong taunting Godzilla from the top of a skyscraper, the other showing Godzilla charging up his atomic fire breath at incredibly close range. There’s also an image of some of the human characters investigating what looks to be a giant mouth. Could it be Ghidorah’s head?

The city fight between Godzilla and Kong looks like it could be the main climax of the film. Footage has also been shown of a sea battle, where Godzilla attacks a fleet of ships transporting a captured Kong from his Skull Island home. That fight may be the first direct confrontation between the two, but the city duel may be the biggest. Previous clips have shown Kong wielding his axe amid the neon lights, which could present a particular problem for Godzilla.

Of course, while director Adam Wingard has promised that one titan will emerge as the clear victor, it’s unlikely that either will die for good. The MonsterVerse will need both Godzilla and Kong to carry the franchise forward, and it’s possible that the two could even join forces if a common MonsterVerse threat emerges. The mysterious Apex organization and their mecha-titan experiments – which Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown) and her crew may be investigating in the second image – could become that threat. Regardless of what happens in the aftermath, Godzilla vs. Kong is guaranteed to deliver some city-razing titan-on-titan action when it releases on March 31.

Source: Total Film

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