Gilmore Girls: Why Rory Should Have Gone To Harvard (& Why Yale Was The Right Choice)

From the very beginning of Gilmore Girls, fans knew that Rory had one big dream: getting accepted to Harvard. She had Harvard signs and other paraphernalia on her bedroom walls and the people in her life were definitely aware of this goal.

When Rory decided to go to Yale, her grandparents were incredibly thrilled, and it was surprising that she moved on from her original choice so quickly. There are some reasons why Rory becoming a Yale student makes a lot of sense, but there are some other signs that Harvard was always the right choice.

Gilmore Girls fans know a few things about Rory Gilmore: she loves coffee like her mom, reading is her favorite hobby, and she always wanted to go to Harvard.

Since Rory’s plan was always to attend this Ivy League, it seems strange that she would make a different decision. She was an organized person who liked lists and notebooks and knowing what to expect. There’s also the fact that she was accepted into Harvard, so there was no real reason why she couldn’t follow her original plan.

Rory and Richard both enjoyed reading and once fans learned that Richard wanted Rory to go to his alma mater Yale, it seemed obvious that she might lean that way.

When Rory started exploring the idea of going to Yale, she and Richard deepened their bond, which was meaningful to both of them. Since Rory didn’t have a present dad, it was nice for her to have Richard’s influence in her life, and Richard felt so proud that his granddaughter was following his path.

Richard did meddle a bit too much, as he was determined for Rory to choose Yale over Harvard, and while Rory seemed happy with her choice, some fans might feel that Richard overstepped his boundaries.

If Rory had chosen Harvard, she would have something that only belonged to her, and this would have been a positive thing. Instead of comparing her college experience to Richard’s or even taking a class that he taught, she would have become more independent. The point of college is to separate from family and friends back home and experience growth, after all.

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