Gilmore Girls: The Main Characters, Ranked By Work Ethic

Lorelai and Rory have their own dreams on Gilmore Girls and while Rory always wants to get accepted to an Ivy League college, Lorelai has big dreams of running her own inn. While Rory reads more than her mom does and seems more interested in academic pursuits, Lorelai works hard, too, and teaches her daughter to go for what she wants out of life.

While many of the main characters on Gilmore Girls work hard to achieve their goals, others come up short and don’t seem to have much desire to succeed, often falling back on their privilege.

Rory’s life became a mess when she dated Logan and even though he was one of her most serious romances, they seemed to have a lot of problems.

It’s tough to imagine what kind of future Logan wants for himself, as he does whatever his father wants him to do. He doesn’t care about his classes at Yale and loves being part of the Life and Death Brigade, which lands him in the hospital at one point. He’s got the worst work ethic of any character on Gilmore Girls, and even when Rory had an affair with him in A Year In The Life, he didn’t seem to be living the life that he wanted, either.

Dean was Rory’s first love and a kind, simple guy. He dreamed of having a family someday and although Lindsay wasn’t the right partner for him, Rory learned in the revival that he had found love again.

When Rory met Dean, he worked at Doose’s market, which was the setting for some sweet moments between the young couple. The most famous scene was when Dean kissed Rory and she stole cornstarch. Dean also worked some construction jobs later on. He always wanted to work, but he didn’t try very hard in school and didn’t seem to have a dream career.

In the revival A Year In The Life, Emily got a job as a tour guide at the Nantucket Whaling Museum, and she really loved it.

Before that, she was heavily involved in the DAR and enjoyed planning her own parties and helping out with other events. She always had something on the calendar, but it seemed like she was trying to keep busy, especially since Richard worked so much. Of all the characters on the show, Emily doesn’t have the best work ethic, but she’s not afraid to push up her sleeves and get something done.

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