Gilmore Girls: The Best (& Worst) Trait Of Each Main Character

The fictional Connecticut setting of Gilmore Girls may look flawless, but its inhabitants–albeit fun (Miss Patty), quirky (Kirk), and incredibly enthusiastic, though sometimes a bit meddlesome (Taylor Doose)–are not always perfect idyllic. While they might be down to earth for television, when it comes down to it they’re just a regular group of people who are doing their best, but who also make mistakes.

The bottom line is they all are genuinely good-hearted, which is why it is so easy for fans to overlook it when they aren’t their best.

Best: Free-Spirited–Lane (Keiko Agena) was not just an audiophile, but a drummer as well. She had quite the collection of rock CDs (remember those?) and never met a band t-shirt she didn’t like. Lane always followed her heart and passions.

Worst: Sneaky–Honestly, what choice did she have? Lane couldn’t be herself in her own home, or even outside of it because her mother, Mrs. Kim, didn’t approve of contemporary fun activities, so she had no choice but to hide herself. Still, sneakiness can go too far sometimes, and it doesn’t always lead to the best outcomes.

Best: Dignified–Emily (Kelly Bishop) is the ultimate society doyenne with high standards. She has excellent taste and always carries herself with the utmost aplomb. There are few characters as dignified as Emily Gilmore.

Worst: Controlling–There is a reason that Lorelai rebels so much against her mother and resents her in many ways. Emily is incredibly straightlaced and controlling. She always wants everything to be exactly as she thinks it should be.

Best: Charming–As the scion of an old-money family, Logan (Matt Czuchry) can work a room like a politician using his killer smile, flirtatiousness, and wit to put everyone at ease, making each guest feel as though they’re the only ones in the room. This was meant to serve him well in business when he took over the Huntzberger empire.

Worst: Irresponsible — Even with all the opportunities afforded him, Logan resents the preordained life his rather snobby and cold parents have set up for him and rebels by engaging in reckless fun that often has an edge of darkness to it, indulging behavior that gets him into trouble.

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