Gilmore Girls: Sookie’s 5 Best Pieces Of Advice (& Her 5 Worst)

As the passionate and hilarious chef on Gilmore GirlsSookie St. James was the go-to for delicious food and quirky conversation. Lorelai loved hanging out with her best friend and the perks of getting to eat her meals and treats were pretty great, too. It was sweet watching Sookie fall for Jackson and start her family, as she definitely deserved all the success and happiness in the world.

Sookie is a fairly unconventional character who likes to do things her own way. But while she sometimes gave other people really intelligent advice, there were other moments on the show when she was on the wrong track.

He has had to watch you go from one guy to another, and then the engagement, and then the engagement was off, and patiently he’s waited, and now in walks this kid and he says ‘My God, will she date anyone else in the world before she’ll date me?’

When Lorelai and Luke finally started dating, the couple had some awful arguments.

Before they even admitted that they loved each other, there were some tense moments, especially when Luke had to watch Lorelai date other people. Sookie gave Lorelai some smart advice and said she should realize that Luke was waiting for her to be single. She said that Luke watched her almost marry Max and then date casually when he wished that she would notice him. This was tough for Lorelai to hear, and if she was willing to listen to her best friend, she should have confessed her love to Luke right away. She needed a bit more time, though.

While Sookie was a messy and klutzy chef, she was never happier than when she was in her own kitchen, whipping up a new and creative dish.

When Sookie was on bedrest, Luke helped her out in her kitchen, and this was really hard for her to handle. She didn’t like feeling out of control and she hated that he was cooking her recipes. She tried to give him the advice that he should steer away from the “fancy” food and cook the way that she would. This was terrible advice because Luke was trying to be a good friend and help her out in her time of need.

While Gilmore Girls fans rooted for Lorelai and Luke, Luke and his ex-girlfriend Rachel had a great relationship, too. When she came back to Stars Hollow in the first season, Lorelai realized that there might be competition for Luke’s affection. Of course, she hadn’t admitted that she liked him yet, so this presented some complications.

Sookie gave some solid advice and tried to get Lorelai to see that she had feelings for Luke. Lorelai asked, “You’re accusing me of being jealous of a woman who dumped a man I’m not even interested in five years ago?” and she said it was crazy. Sookie agreed that it was crazy but Lorelai was green with envy.

Now, I want you to imagine your dream car. It can be anything you want. You’re backing out of the driveway. You’re driving through Stars Hollow. ‘Good morning, Townspeople! Top of the morning to you.’

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