Gilmore Girls: Sookie’s 10 Worst Business Decisions, Ranked

Sookie St. James is much more than Lorelai’s business partner and co-worker at the Dragonfly Inn and Independence Inn, she’s her best friend, closest confidant, and the only woman Lorelai trusts besides her daughter, Rory. Without Sookie’s presence in her life, Lorelai wouldn’t have a female to go to for advice or to give it to her straight.

However, when Lorelai and Sookie’s time at work is shared, it’s painfully obvious how careless and, at times, selfish Sookie can be. While she’s known as one of the best chefs in the area, her business decisions are often rash, not thought through, and can affect those around her. Gilmore Girls fans often wonder if going into business together was the right move for Lorelai because Sookie only cared about the food portion of the business. Sookie is a great cook and friend but when it comes to business, her decisions can be questionable.

Sookie’s strong passion for food is inspiring but she’s incredibly wasteful. She tosses dishes out at the last second because she changed her mind, she makes countless cakes before throwing them out because she’s not happy with them, and the list continues. She wastes a ton of money on food that she never ends up giving to customers. As a business owner, this should enrage her but it doesn’t cross her mind.

The number of rooms that the Dragonfly Inn had is under investigation with Gilmore Girls fans. It’s been said a few times that the inn has anywhere from 10 to 15 rooms. Nevertheless, as a new business with limited space, Sookie should have made cuts when cuts were needed for the better of the business’s finances.

On opening weekend, she was supposed to let go two kitchen workers but simply couldn’t because they were “too good.” As a business owner, she has to have the ability to make those kinds of decisions and not leave it all in Lorelai’s hands.

As a way to make money in between their Independence Inn and Dragonfly Inn days, Sookie suggested a catering business. The idea was good in theory; Sookie would be the executive chef and Lorelai would run the business side of things. However, after planning a party for the Gilmores—and it falling through—it became clear that a catering business wasn’t their passion. Especially when it came time to cater a child’s birthday party (see below).

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