Gilmore Girls: Each Main Character’s Best & Worst Workplace Decision

When it comes to Gilmore Girlsthe show didn’t leave out anything in the lives of its main characters, including their professional lives and career developments. Though some of the characters spend much of the show as teenagers, they still make important decisions when it comes to where they work and how they conduct themselves.

The adults on the show make similar decisions in business and in life. Many of them get to enjoy the quaint atmosphere of Stars Hollow, but that doesn’t mean they don’t face stressful choices. Where do these characters make strong career moves, and where do they fall short?

Emily Gilmore’s best career decision doesn’t take place until the reboot. She limits her work on the original show to maintaining her staff and managing all her social events. The worst workplace decision Emily makes is to devote herself so wholeheartedly to the DAR, an organization on the show whose members like to exclude others and tear people down.

Emily even makes the mistake of drawing Rory into the group. It takes Emily a long time to let go of that part of her life, but her best choice is when she becomes a docent at a whaling museum. It’s a career she can find fulfillment in, and she gets to talk to people all day.

Hep Alien is such an exciting part of Lane Kim’s life. Although her mother initially disapproves of it, the band gives Lane a chance to play drums with other passionate musicians. She keeps a strict hold on the band’s finances when they go on a tour playing churches. This is hard in the moment, but Lane saves them enough money to make a record, which is awesome.

Lane’s work at Luke’s is pretty neutral, and she is a valued employee there. Her worst decision comes back to Hep Alien. The group is known to have its squabbles, and Lane makes the mistake of getting wrapped up in these fights–even on stage, right in the middle of a gig.

After Kirk drives right into Luke’s Diner for a silly town demonstration of Taylor Doose’s, Luke has to do some renovations at the diner. His best workplace decision is to let Lorelai help him with the details of the new and improved space, including paint colors.

Their work brings the two closer together and allows Luke to open up about his dad. Luke’s worst workplace decision would have to be letting Taylor get away with opening that annoying Soda Shoppe that not many liked.

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