Gilmore Girls: 5 Times Rory Acted Like A Typical Teenager (& 5 She Was Wise Beyond Her Years)

Rory Gilmore is one of the most unusual characters on Gilmore Girls, and there are plenty of eccentric people in Stars Hollow. Rory goes through a lot of personality shifts as she moves through her teenage years and starts college. She stays true to her love of learning, though, and some fans would say she’s a good person at her core.

Teenagers are not one-size-fits-all, but Rory makes a number of typical teenage choices as she grows. At other times, Rory shows surprising wisdom and maturity. What are some of her most and least “teenage” moments?

The first few episodes of Gilmore Girls are mostly about Rory’s move to Chilton for her high school education. Her family life, hometown, and budding relationship with Dean are also established. Lane Kim is introduced as a big part of Rory’s life, but it would be easy for the two friends to grow apart with Rory attending school in another town.

Rory is lucky that Lane wants to continue the friendship, even though Rory doesn’t always pay enough attention to Lane. Sticking with Lane is a huge blessing in Rory’s life for years to come, so maintaining the friendship is one of her wisest decisions.

Another teenage girl comes into Rory’s life in the first season: Paris Geller. Devoted fans know how close Paris and Rory become once they get to know each other, but the classmates aren’t always good friends.

Paris can’t stand Rory when Rory first arrives at Chilton, and Rory isn’t too fond of Paris’s attitude. The girls are seen bickering right in the middle of a class because they know that they are each other’s competition. Rory’s behavior in her early feud with Paris is just typical high school drama, but thank goodness she gets over it.

After Emily and Richard Gilmore make the arrangement to pay for Chilton in exchange for Friday night dinners with Lorelai and Rory, the grandparents start to take a more active role in their granddaughter’s life. Rory is so excited to show Emily around Stars Hollow in the first season, insisting on a complete walking tour through all the town’s best attractions.

A particularly poignant moment is when Rory shows Emily the potting shed. This small spot by The Independence Inn is where Lorelai cared for Rory as a baby. Though Emily is upset to see how her daughter and granddaughter lived, it is the right thing for Rory to take her there. Rory leads her grandmother to the site without meaning to trouble her, but it is still deep and insightful of Rory to open up to Emily about her childhood.

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