Gilmore Girls: 10 Times Lorelai Was A Hypocrite

Lorelai is well-known for her caffeine tolerance, clever quips, and how much she loves her daughter Rory on Gilmore Girls. While Lorelai doesn’t always want to approach a situation in the most adult manner, somehow her immature moments end up seeming hilarious and charming.

But while Lorelai was cool and relatable, she had many moments in the series when she sounded like a hypocrite. Whether talking to Rory, her best friend Sookie, her mother Emily, or even Luke, she often complained about something and then behaved just as badly. Just because she talks fast doesn’t mean the audience misses all the hypocrisy coming out of her mouth.

While it’s true that Lorelai and Rory stayed close forever, their mother-daughter journey was sometimes bumpy, especially in the first season of the show.

When Rory met Dean, she felt an instant attraction, and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to go to Chilton. Lorelai acted like a hypocrite because she insulted Rory for having a crush. She said, “If you’re gonna throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle.” This wasn’t fair, and Lorelai should have been more understanding since she was boy crazy in high school and knew what it was like to be a teenager. Instead of being mean, Lorelai should have said that Rory could still go to Chilton and pursue a relationship with Dean.

Lorelai poked fun at Sookie’s single status, which not only was a horrible thing for a friend to do, but it made her a hypocrite.

While Sookie was on her own before falling in love with Jackson, Lorelai didn’t have many long-term romances before she started to date Luke in season 5. Even her relationship with Max was fairly brief, as they got engaged quickly and she broke things off even faster. Lorelai was known as the cool single mom in Stars Hollow, and she spent a lot of time by herself.

In the season 1 episode “Rory’s Birthday Parties,” Rory was upset that Emily invited her Chilton class to a party without talking to her. She didn’t even want a big fancy party in the first place, let alone one with people she didn’t feel comfortable around.

Lorelai backed Rory up and agreed that it wasn’t the right thing to do. However, she was a total hypocrite when, in the very next episode “Kiss and Tell,” she invited Dean to their mother-daughter movie night. She didn’t check in with Rory beforehand and she didn’t realize that it would make Rory so nervous. It was strange that Lorelai would do exactly what her mother did.

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