Genshin Impact Xiao Glitch Makes Character Even More Fun

Genshin Impact Xiao glitch makes the already entertaining 5-star character even more fun – though it seems like it won’t be easily reproduced for other players. Genshin Impact is wrapping up its Lantern Rite event, which celebrated Liyue traditions with players and introduced Xiao as a limited-time character that Travelers could roll for in the game’s gacha system.

As a 5-star, Xiao is already rare – and that problem was more visible than average with the Genshin Impact fanbase, as he’s also incredibly popular among players and was the character many players had saved up currency for. Those lucky enough to acquire Xiao are already familiar with the polearm-user’s incredible offensive capabilities, especially his Bane of All Evil ultimate ability that dramatically increases his DPS output in exchange for eating away at his health. That playstyle has made him unique among characters and a fun build-around, but his “E” ability, Lemniscatic Wind Cycling, is also a flashy dash with limited uses that further increases his potential.

Having Xiao at Constellation 1 lets players use 1 more charge of Lemniscatic Wind Cycling, which usually has 2 uses before a short cooldown for each use – but a recently discovered Genshin Impact Xiao glitch has him suddenly appear to be Constellation Infinite. As discovered by Reddit user Mr_Turulu250, a glitch in Genshin Impact allowed the user to suddenly float with Xiao by spamming infinite dashes. The ability never enters cooldown, and the video briefly demonstrates that even interrupting the chain of dashes doesn’t break Xiao out of his glitched state.

Unfortunately, players currently don’t know how to recreate the glitch in-game, which may end up being patched out before anyone figures out how. A few commenters have also suggested that the unusually high ping for the player may be contributing to the issue, though Mr_Turulu250 said that they simply logged in and discovered Xiao could do this. The player also attempted to take the Xiao glitch into Genshin Impact‘s Spiral Abyss, but entering it reset the glitch, returning Xiao to normal.

Ultimately, the Genshin Impact Xiao glitch documented here is likely just a fun occurrence that happened to get recorded so others could enjoy it as well. It doesn’t have much use given that world mobs are relatively simple tasks for players and it reset before entering Spiral Abyss – but it does show off how flashy Xiao normally is, and is a good advertisement for how fun it is to play as him for those who missed out on their first chance and are considering re-rolling for the character whenever his next banner is.

Source: Mr_Turulu250/Reddit

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