Genshin Impact: How to Process Ingredients for Complex Recipes

An important feature of Genshin Impact is the cooking mechanic. Cooked dishes are a great way to restore health in the middle of a tough fight without having to return to one of the Statues of the Seven. Additionally, many dishes offer a variety of combat buffs, including boosts to offense, defense, and critical hit rate, making them useful for boss battles. Each dish has different ingredients necessary to make it, but some cannot be found anywhere in the wild.

It’s possible to use campfires for not just making different dishes in Genshin Impact, but also processing new ingredients. Though some of these ingredients can be bought at stores, processing them manually costs nothing. For players new to the world of Genshin Impact, or fledging chefs wanting to expand their culinary knowledge, here’s everything to know about processing ingredients.

Similar to dishes, each processed ingredient requires a certain number of Genshin Impact’s reimgs to make. Listed below are all the different ones that players can make, including what is needed to make them and a complex recipe they can be used in. Keep in mind though, that these dishes cannot be made unless the players has learned the recipe.










Smoked Fowl

Crab Roe

Like with recipes, Genshin Impact players will need to find a campfire or oven to process their ingredients with. There are a plethora all across the game world, but they can be found next to restaurants in Mondstat and Liyue Harbor. When choosing to cook, players are brought to a list of recipes they can make. To open the processing menu, select the pepper icon next to the fork and knife in the top right. This will display all the processing options they currently have available.

Players can process a large quantity of Genshin Impact’s reimgs at once, and even process every different ingredient provided they have enough reimgs. They also don’t need to remember which campfire or oven they cooked it on, as it will be accessible to anyone that’s available to them. In case they forget about them while they’re out adventuring, a notification will appear on the map to let them know their ingredients have been processed.

Also, it should be noted that while processing ingredients does not require any cost, it does take time, depending on which ingredient is being made. It’s a good idea to start processing ingredients at the start of a game session, so that the ingredients will be ready when players are done with their daily quests.

Genshin Impact is available for PC, mobile devices, and PlayStation 4.

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