Game of Thrones : 10 Ways Daenerys Could Have Won

There’s a lot of debate and controversy over the finale of Game of Thronesand the jury is still out on whether or not Daenerys Targaryen should have found herself on the Iron Throne. Regardless of where fans fall in the conversation, she certainly almost became the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

The Mother of Dragons had an impressive streak across Essos and Westeros, throughout which she gained an army and allies and made her way all the way to King’s Landing. However, there are many things she could have done along the way – and especially in her final moments – that could have secured her the throne.

Daenerys may have made her first major mistake when Drogo was still alive. Daenerys let the witch Mirri Maz Duur take care of her husband. However, Mirri’s desire for revenge led to the death of Dany’s husband and her child.

It’s really hard to know where Daenerys would have been in Drogo had lived, but she could have definitely been stronger with her husband by her side.

Daenerys wanted to make a statement, and she wanted her followers to know that there were consequences for disobeying the rules. However, executing a man sent her backward, and she lost loyalty among people who adored her.

While this didn’t directly affect her position with her actual army, there’s no way of knowing how much it actually decreased their loyalty – and it also only encouraged her ‘mad queen’ reputation.

Looking back, Daario was a person of sound mind and could be quite clever and calculating. He called Daenerys out, unlike many of her followers he loved her but saw some of her flaws as well, and he was honest and open about how he thought her rise to power would be troubled.

If she hadn’t sent him away, there’s a strong possibility that he actually would have kept her from the violence and madness that ensued. His loyalty and guidance could have changed everything.

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