Game of Thrones: 10 Relationships That Fans Knew Were Doomed From The Start

Never have there even been more toxic relationships in a single show than those in Game Of Thrones. The characters in the HBO series subconsciously give perfect tutorials on how not to treat your partner. Outside the wars, schemes, and power struggles, couples struggle to hold on to this thing called love.

Given the volume of failed relationships and marriages seen on the show, one can be spoilt for choice when compiling a list for the very worst ones. But while some sailed smoothly for a while before reaching wavy waters, there are those that had signs of failure written all over them from the start.

A union between the Mother of Dragons and the King in the North should be a solid one. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles. Dany is Jon’s aunt since he is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Though incest has never been an issue for most characters, people from the North don’t fancy it so much. So, Jon dilly-dallies when it comes to taking things forward with Dany.

There’s also the fact that he is ahead of her in line for the throne. Even though Jon states he doesn’t want the throne, Dany feels she can’t trust anyone when it comes to power. And when she finds out the citizens of Westeros love Jon more, she becomes a bit jealous. There are simply too many roadblocks preventing this relationship from ever succeeding.

Sansa hasn’t had it easy with love. She has a history of bad marriages and relationships that she was forced into. She is first paired up with Joffrey and the signs of doom are there from the start.

In the first season, Sansa is head-over-heels for Joffrey but fans can tell that it’s just teenage infatuation that won’t end well. After all, Joffrey has already shown evil traits. She even sides with him instead of her sister Arya. She eventually realizes who she is with when Joffrey calls for her father’s execution.

Two of Westeros’ most villainous characters hooking up should be a good look. Or should it? Euron begs Cersei for sex after delivering the Golden Company to her. She declines at first then changes her mind minutes later. While making love, the two discuss Robert Baratheon’s impotence and Jamie’s libido.

The manner in which Cersei quickly dismisses Euron after intimacy is a red flag. But since he is obsessed with her, he promises to put a prince in her womb. She later tells him she is carrying his child though she is actually pregnant with Jamie. His jealousy makes him challenge the man to a duel carelessly. As expected, he ends up dead.

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