Full House: 10 Questions About Joey Gladstone, Answered

As streaming services have continued to gain popularity, characters from shows like Full House have seen their status rise. Joey is one of the most noteworthy ones from the series, having been the jokester of the family and a img of much of the show’s comedy.

While fans have questions about the TGIF line-up in general, Joey fans have also had things they want to know further about him. Some of these are things that were even shown on Full House but give a reflection of his character when compiled together with other facts about him. With Fuller House coming into the mix, Joey’s background has been carved out even further.

This is a common question toward Danny Tanner as well due to the relatively uneven explanations to his and Joey’s date of birth. Joey’s has been established as September 21, 1958, with Danny sometimes shown as older or younger.

Joey’s date of birth places him as being 29-years-old when Full House began, which aligns with Danny’s own and him being a few years older than Jesse. When Fuller House began, Joey claimed he was “55-ish,” but would have actually been 57 at the time.

There’s no doubt that Joey’s Disney counterpart would be the Genie from Aladdin due to their habit of doing impressions. Over the course of the series, he did too many of these to name all of them but were favored by him more than others.

Joey’s most favorite impression was that of Bullwinkle, followed very closely by Popeye. Of the impressions he did multiple times in different episodes, the ones that stand out are Daffy Duck, Scotty from Star Trek, Yosemite Sam, and The Godfather.

While Fuller House failed to live up to Full House in some ways, it did do Joey justice by giving him a steady relationship. In Full House, he never had a confirmed love interest and was seen with a number of different women that were phased out.

Of these, the most prominent ones include Cheryl, whom he met during an awkward triple date, Patty, a former flame from college, and Wendy Tanner, the sister of Danny whom Joey realized he had an attraction toward. Fuller House finally gave the character a wife in Ginger, with whom Joey remained married.

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