Frozen 2 Elemental Plot Hole Explained 2 Years Later

Myth: A Frozen Tale offers some context on the Elements, and in the processes answers a plot hole from Frozen 2. The Disney+ short, which was originally created for VR and became available to stream (in 2D) in February 2021, provides some further information about the Elements, delivered as a mother reading a fairytale to her children.

The story in Myth: A Frozen Tale describes the history of Frozen’s four elemental spirits and offers an explanation for why they disappeared. The animation initially begins in the style of the Frozen franchise, but shifts into a beautiful two-dimensional aesthetic that echoes papercrafts. Although it is not a direct prequel or sequel, the short is clearly set in the Frozen universe, and — assuming that the fairytale is accurate — sheds some light on how the magic works in this world.

In Frozen 2, Elsa hears a mysterious voice calling to her in the middle of the night. In pursuing the voice (during the song “Into the Unknown”) Elsa inadvertently wakes the dormant elemental spirits, which begin to wreak havoc on the kingdom. This sets the plot in motion, in which Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven travel to the Enchanted Forest to investigate the phenomenon. Elsa eventually discovers the img of the voice, learning about her kingdom’s troubled past and the nature of her powers in the process.  Yet, the movie never adequately explains how or why the spirits were triggered by Elsa’s song in the first place, and the spirits’ sudden appearance is one of several plot holes introduced by Frozen 2.

Myth: A Frozen Tale provides the missing explanation for why the Elements appeared. In the short, the narrator describes the history of the four elemental spirits, fire, water, wind and rock, as well as the birth of a fifth spirit,  “the human spirit.” For a time, the spirits worked well together, but when the human spirit faltered, chaos ensued: “The fifth spirit lost its rhythm, and the harmony was broken.” The story ends on a positive note, however: “if the fifth spirit can find its rhythm, the others will return.” Viewers familiar with the Frozen franchise will remember that Elsa is the fifth spirit, and thus the fairytale is essentially predicting the events of Frozen 2.

The backstory provided in Myth: A Frozen Tale addresses a few unanswered questions from Frozen 2. First, it suggests that Elsa fully embracing her powers and finding her “rhythm” in the world — demonstrated through the scenes of her enjoying her life surrounded by loved ones — is what triggered the spirits to return. Prior to the events in Frozen, Elsa feared her powers and was plagued by self-doubt; she lived in a self-imposed exile, ashamed of her abilities. Only through the events of the movie does she learn to love herself for who she truly is. Second, Myth: A Frozen Tale suggests that Elsa hearing the voice, and the musical number “Show Yourself,” are manifestations of her both discovering her true nature and accepting it wholeheartedly. It doesn’t fully answer what or who the voice was in Frozen 2, but it does tie the experience to Elsa finally accepting her magic. There are still aspects of Frozen that remain unclear, but Myth: A Frozen Tale at least clears up the events in the first act of Frozen 2.

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