Frozen 2 Detail Hinted At The Fate Of Elsa & Anna’s Parents All Along

Anna and Elsa’s parents in Frozen 2, Queen Iduna and King Agnarr, are named after tales from Norse mythology, which provide hints about the fate of the characters in the Frozen franchise. The first film introduced the magical world of Arendelle and its people, both influenced by Scandinavia. The Frozen franchise borrows elements from Norse culture to establish everything from the aesthetic of the Kindom to the landscape surrounding it. The sequel continues in this vein, expanding upon the portrayal of Scandinavian mythology and folklore.

Iduna and Agnarr leave the Kingdom of Arendelle at the beginning of Frozen and are revealed to have died at sea soon after, but a lot remains unknown about them by the end of the movie. To answer some of the questions surrounding these characters, Frozen 2 takes Anna and Elsa on a journey into the unknown to find out what is causing the magical mayhem in Arendelle. The sisters’ quest reveals the truth about their past and uncovers the mysteries surrounding their parents’ death.

By exploring Iduna and Agnarr’s origin stories and establishing their backstory as a couple, Frozen 2 deepens the story’s connection to Scandinavian history while providing background on two characters from the first film. Named after Idun, the Norse goddess of spring, fertility, and renewal, Queen Iduna’s character is rooted in Norse mythology. Similarly, King Agnarr’s name is borrowed from a character named Agnar in “The Lay of Grimnir.” These stories unravel the hidden meaning behind Queen Iduna and King Agnarr’s names while further grounding the Frozen franchise in Scandinavian legend.

In Norse mythology, Idun is responsible for granting the gods their eternal youthfulness. When she’s lured away from her home in Asgard, the gods start to grow old and gray. Similarly, things begin to fall apart in the Frozen franchise after Iduna left the Enchanted Forest (although in this case, her leaving was not the cause). In Frozen 2, when Elsa follows a mysterious voice into the unknown and accidentally awakens the spirits in the Enchanted Forest, the sisters learn that Queen Iduna had a magical connection to the elemental spirits that she used to save their father. This revelation also hints that Elsa got her powers from her mother. By naming the queen after the Norse goddess Idun, the Frozen franchise hints at Queen Iduna’s magical heritage all along.

Likewise, the fate of King Agnarr in the Frozen franchise is similar to that of his namesake from “The Lay of Grimnir.” Both stories include death by shipwreck. Like King Agnarr, the Agnar from the Norse myth also dies at sea. Interestingly, the myth includes two characters named Agnar: Named after his uncle, the second Agnar later becomes king and rules over his kingdom for many years. In Frozen, Elsa and Anna’s father also ruled as King of Arendelle before his death. Therefore, Frozen’s King Agnarr could be seen as a combination of the two Agnar’s from the Norse legend. By incorporating these myths and folklore into Iduna and Agnarr’s origin stories, Frozen 2 deepens the franchise’s mythical roots, expanding on the ideas planted by the original movie.

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