Friends: Ross’ Exes, Ranked By Intelligence

While Rachel might be his lobster, Ross Geller actually ends up having a lot of romantic relationships throughout Friends. Some of which are very serious, leading to him getting married or having a child, while others are quickly over and done with, being fairly forgettable.

Of course, Ross himself is a very intelligent person, but that doesn’t mean that all of his partners are. While some of his partners throughout the series were very clever, others were the complete opposite, which often made for some funny moments. Considering Ross tends to be quite picky and likes to point out his intelligence on a consistent basis, who were his most intelligent romantic partners?

While Elizabeth was studying in Ross’s class, proving that she is smart, the fact is that because of her youth, she doesn’t have much life experience. This shines through during her time on the show, with Elizabeth having tons of energy, but not always being the most intelligent.

She makes quick and rash decisions based on what she wants to do and isn’t quite ready for a serious relationship in her life at this point. This is what ultimately makes her the least intelligent character that Ross dates during the show.

Chloe is, of course, the person that Ross gets involved with during the infamous “we were on a break” situation. No matter what side one takes in that argument, Chloe appeared to be quite a fun person, and had the timing been different, she may have been a good fit for Ross.

She isn’t shown in as much detail as some of his other partners, but Chloe seems to know what she is doing and is intelligent enough. However, as she’s not as fleshed out as other characters, so it’s hard to claim she’s overly smart in comparison to others.

While Janice is one of the most frequent supporting characters throughout the entire series, she is typically linked with Chandler, rather than Ross. However, they do spend a brief period of time dating, much to the shock and surprise of everyone.

Throughout Janice’s time on the show, she is never shown to be an overly intelligent person. She’s never able to see that Chandler uses her and actually dislikes her, and while she’s not the least intelligent character on the show, she isn’t the smartest.

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