Fargo: Friendships That Should Have Happened (But Didn’t)

For four seasons, Fargo has been one of the most unique and captivating shows on television. One of the best aspects of it is the characters who range from the brave and noble heroes to the vicious villains and a lot of people in between.

However, with each season of the show telling a new story and focused on a new set of characters, there are certain character dynamics that have sadly never been seen. Some of these people share a lot of similarities and would probably get along great. It would have been fun to see these Fargo friendships happen, but fans can only imagine them now.

Just because two characters are evil guys doesn’t mean they wouldn’t get along with each other. Dodd Gerhardt and Gaetano Fadda are two members of crime families; Dodd appeared in season 2 of the show while Gaetano appeared in season 4.

Both of these men are impulsive and violent older siblings who want to push their family to go to war with their enemies rather than look weak by striking a deal. They would likely see eye to eye on their ruthless approach to gaining power.

There are many law enforcement characters in the series, some of whom are good people while others are less so. Lou Solverson is one of the better examples of a good cop. He is level-headed, brave, and cares about people.

Dick Wickware is a U.S. Marshal who is a bit rougher around the edges. He seems to harbor some racist beliefs that would probably not sit well with Lou. But he is also a good cop who takes a smart approach to his job. If working on a case together, these lawmen would get along well.

Not everyone can be a dedicated and brave cop like Lou Solverson and that is where cops like Gus and Bill come in. Both men were featured in the first season of the show but didn’t get to share any screen time together.

They are both kind-hearted men who care deeply about people, but they just might not be cut out for the world of policing. To their credit, both of these men realize they are not fit for the roles they are in and make a change. They would likely bond over their big hearts and self-awareness.

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