Fantastic Four: Why the Invisible Woman Hates the Team’s New Member

Warning: spoilers ahead for Fantastic Four #29!

The Fantastic Four have been going through some expansion recently, and the Invisible Woman isn’t exactly happy with the newest addition to the team. In the case of Marvel’s First Family, it’s understandable that members might object to changing their roster, since it threatens their entire gimmick, but in the case of the current team drama, the reasons are a little more personal. As with many things Marvel, the issues that plague the heroes and heroines that populate its canon are decidedly human, even when non-humans are involved.

Marvel has always excelled at making its characters relatable, and having an issue with your sibling’s romantic partner is as relatable as things get, even if the partner in question is from an alien race and can communicate with birds. The Fantastic Four are first and foremost a family, which means that interpersonal drama tends to work its way into everything from downtime to missions. Unfortunately, the Invisible Woman’s issues with her brother’s partner just revealed themselves right as Knull, the King in Black, attacks Earth.

Fantastic Four #29 – from writer Dan Slott and artist Ze Carlos – reveals why Susan Storm, AKA the Invisible Woman, hates the team’s new member Kaila, AKA Sky from the planet Spyre, and has been excluding her from missions. Sky is romantically involved with Sue’s brother Johnny, AKA, the Human Torch. Given Johnny Storm’s penchant for torrid, meteoric, short-lived affairs, it’s completely understandable for Susan to be reluctant to embrace Sky when looking at it from that angle. But for Susan, more than that, it’s because she thinks they’re moving too fast (understandable), and the fact that their justification for that is that they’re “soul mates” sounds silly to her (again, understandable), despite being a foundational belief of Sky’s culture. What sibling wouldn’t be hesitant at best to give their blessing to that sort of relationship, if not straight up oppose it?

That said, in this issue, Kaila also makes use of her ability to speak to birds, which proves to be a boon to the Fantastic Four overall. So it’s not as if she’s not a helpful addition. Best case scenario, Sue lets her brother and his new girlfriend work through things as a couple while keeping an eye on them. With time, Kaila can hopefully continue to prove herself as an asset so that, if things don’t work out between her and Johnny, they’ll still be able to work together as heroes. Of course, the worst case scenario is that Sky will be possessed by Knull and Sue will have to express her misgivings in a brutal smackdown, which is exactly how the issue leaves things.

It’s bad enough when regular families fight, but when superpowers are involved, that can result in far more drastic consequences that affect the rest of the world on a larger scale, which, in the grand scheme of things, is probably what the Fantastic Four‘s Sue Storm is most concerned about. Now, as the Invisible Woman flees a version of Sky whose own anger is being brought to the surface by Knull (and who commands his symbiote dragons just like she did birds), it’s clear that the heroes have missed the chance to clear the air through discussion, and this disagreement may end up costing someone their life.

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