Fan Casting The Movie Version Of Grand Theft Auto 5

The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular franchises in entertainment history, launching a franchise based around simple driving mechanics that has evolved into a cinematic crime saga of action gaming. Every title in the series features a colorful cast of anti-heroes and misfits, and the fifth entry remains one of the most popular due to the memorable characters and explosive plot, among several other reasons.

Not every video game movie has been a success, but GTA 5 has all of the elements needed to be an action-packed, darkly funny crime drama with a great cast to back it up.

Trevor quickly became a fan-favorite for being a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any second while also being offensively hilarious. A paranoid, substance-abusing criminal who lives in a filthy trailer, he is all too ready to create chaos everywhere he goes. He makes every interaction between himself and other characters a game of chance.

David Harbour has become a beloved character actor over the past few years, as the hot-headed but lovable Jim Hopper in Stranger Things and the title character in which is perhaps the best part of 2019’s Hellboy. He has comedic timing, a loud powerful voice, and also physically resembles Trevor with his hair and eyes. Harbour would dive into the character and go all out.

Michael De Santa is a career criminal living in luxury in Los Santos. A flawed father who misses his old life, he gets tangled up with old and new acquaintances before returning to a life of crime. He has a keen attention to detail when it comes to robberies, but can’t seem to connect with his family.

Adam Sandler may be a questionable choice for this role, but the actor has several decade’s worths of comedic talent to land the bumbling father aspects of the character, as well as the anger and spite that Michael has underneath. Fans of Sandler know he can nail drama and intensity when needed, with Punch Drunk Love and Uncut Gems being the perfect examples, especially his blistering performance in the latter.

Essentially the main character with the most moral values and heart, Franklin is the youngest member of the crew and puts up with the chaos that Trevor and Michael cause. He wants in on the jobs, but also wants to remain loyal and straight. He’s by far the most likable of the main characters and doesn’t truly want to bring harm to anyone not deserving it, but is all too familiar with the dangers of the streets.

A versatile actor who cut his teeth on The Wire, Michael B. Jordan is a prominent talent in movies today, proving his abilities in films like the Creed series and portraying a crowd-pleasing villain in Black Panther. He has the charm and charisma needed to portray Franklin, while also being able to bounce off his co-stars with ease.

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