Family Guy: 10 Side Characters Who Deserve To Be The 5th Member Of Peter’s Friend Group

Peter’s friendship group in Family Guy certainly has been through a lot, even if there has been conflict along the way. Their wacky adventures are always a fun treat, even in modern episodes. They definitely all mesh well together, even if they have differing personalities in a plethora of ways. However, with this show having so many characters, it would be kind of interesting to see them add a fifth member to their friendship group.

Brian would make sense, but the primary issue that stops this from occurring is the fact that Quagmire loathes him. Therefore, they would likely need to befriend a popular side character if they wanted to make their group stronger. With this show being on the air now for over two decades, there certainly would be a ton of options at their disposal.

This friendship group has been cemented for a long time now, so a potential added member would have to work with them perfectly. It certainly is a difficult task to complete, but that does not make it impossible to do so.

Tom Tucker would be such an intriguing option to go with. Sure, he is famous in Quahog, so successfully getting him to join the group would be hard. Yet, even with this being the case, he has spent time with them in the past.

He definitely has a personality that has the potential of working well with them too. Outside of work, he even acted as Peter’s father when he was dating his mother. Therefore, the connection is definitely there to be explored yet again.

Mort has definitely spent a lot of time with the group since the beginning of the series, so it would make sense for him to hang out with them more. He may not necessarily be the biggest of drinkers, but he still would offer a lot of comedy.

He definitely could use some closer friends too, as his character has not been used a lot in that specific area. The one issue that could occur with him as their fifth group member is that he could become the vulnerable punching bag for them.

Aside from being the Griffin’s family doctor, Dr. Hartman does not have nearly enough storylines. He is actually a hilarious character too and would definitely mesh well with the rest of the group because of his personality.

He has been a character for the whole series too, so he has had a lot of time with Peter. Incorporating him with the rest of the group makes this notion not so farfetched. In fact, it could even be encouraged by fans.

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