Falcon’s Captain America Already Has One Big Difference To Steve Rogers

Sam Wilson’s Captain America has one key difference to Steve Rogers’ version that makes him already instantly better for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before fully retiring in Avengers: Endgame, the Super Soldier officially passed the shield and the superhero mantle to Falcon. While it doesn’t seem like Sam will immediately assume the role based on what’s known thus far about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it’s safe to assume that by the end of the upcoming Disney+ show, he will be the MCU’s newest Star-Spangled Avenger.

Captain America is one of the most popular heroes in the franchise thanks to his unwavering morals and long-time commitment to his responsibility as a superhero. Even before he was chosen for the Super Soldier program, Steve was good through and through and someone who always stood up for what’s right. This was primarily why he’s an inspiration to everyone; couple that with Chris Evans’ brilliant performance in the role and it’s no wonder why replacing Captain America is a massive task for Marvel Studios.

Sam’s future version of Captain America, however, already has one edge over his predecessor: his personality. Unlike Steve who was almost always serious and buttoned-up, Falcon is more laid back and collected. This makes him more interesting and exciting to watch than his predecessor. Not that Steve being no-nonsense was a bad thing, but it sometimes proved a little boring to watch; at times, it also made him come off somewhat preachy. This was particularly obvious in his earlier days in the MCU. Even the Endgame version of himself who was more adjusted to life in modern times and had learned to relax a bit was frustrated by his 2012 version; when the pair met during the Battle of New York leg of the time heist, he couldn’t hide his exasperation over his old self’s “I can do this all day” line.

Meanwhile, Sam is also funny — a draw from Anthony Mackie’s real-life personality. While the MCU has mostly used him as a supporting character thus far, he has had his moments and aside from the impressive action sequences, it’s his quips that stand out. Now that he’s going to be headlining The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, his fun vibe is front and center, creating a very interesting dynamic between him and Bucky Barnes. Like Steve, the former HYDRA operative can be too serious at times. In hindsight, that’s understandable considering everything that he’s been through; Sam’s fun-loving nature effectively balances this out, perhaps it could even help Bucky let loose and better adjust to his new life in the modern era.

Despite the difference in personality, Steve and Sam share a very important trait for wielding the Captain America shield – both are good men. This was obvious with Steve since his whole story already played out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not so much with Sam so far since he’s been sporadically used in the franchise. That said, looking closely at everything Falcon has done in the universe thus far, he has always been guided by his morals. Once The Falcon and the Winter Soldier put him at the center of the narrative as he properly assumes his rightful place as the next Star-Spangled Avenger, chances are that this will be further solidified.

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