Every Weapon In Valheim (& How To Craft It)

Crafting powerful weapons will help Valheim players survive different enemies and threats they will come across while traveling through the wilderness. There are many different options for weapons players can pick from, including axes crafted with rare ores and monster loot, to a bludgeon made from a torch. While some weapons are easy to craft early in the game, others will be prized possessions players will want on hand when tackling some of Valheim’s more challenging foes.

All traditional weapons in Valheim have a base crafting cost for a quality 1 weapon. From the base, weapons can be upgraded to a maximum level of 4. Upgrades, while not needed, can make some of the best weapons in Valheim even more powerful. Because of this, investing the needed reimgs into them is worth the effort. However, players may want to resist the urge to upgrade their flint and stone weapons, as even fully upgraded, players won’t receive much of a boost like they might with the higher tier swords and axes they can craft later down the road.

Because death is an unpleasant setback in Valheim, players will want to review what weapons they like best and make sure to have a few pre-crafted in storage, or have the needed reimgs to build back-ups when unhappy accidents occur. Players will respawn where their bed is located in their base, but their items will be lost wherever they died. While they can retrieve these items, players who have lost their better quality gear may find themselves respawned at home with their corpse deep in a Valheim swamp, and nothing in the chests but an old flint axe. To avoids these sorts of scenarios, keeping a stock of quality bows and swords can be a handy fallback in emergencies.

Valheim has many fine bows and powerful arrows that players can use to hunt deer, Greydwarfs or one of the Valheim bosses that will be summoned throughout gameplay. For fans of ranged weapons, a bow might be the way to go.

For players who like some distance between themselves and their enemies, but don’t want a weapon as ranged as a bow and arrow, Valheim has a selection of different spears, harpoons, and atgeir that give a little range but still offer the player the satisfaction of being close enough to land a physical blow.

Axes have many uses for players while they search the different biomes of their map. Axes can be used to collect many reimgs in Valheim, specifically different types of wood. An axe will also be one of the first tools that players will build as they get started on their journey to put together a base. Axes are also solid weapons and do well for bludgeoning enemies before players have a selection of swords and spears to pick from.

Swords are a classic favorite for a solid weapon in most combat situations. However, Valheim has a limited selection of blades compared to games like Skyrim or Dragon Age. Players will even find that while one of the swords technically exists in-game, it can only be obtained when using cheats. This leaves players with only four different swords to build and upgrade.

Valheim Players can use just about anything as a club when they are in desperate need of something to use as a weapon. Whether they decide to wield a mace or a torch, these items are good for knocking an enemy off their feet. The basic wooden club is also likely the first exclusive weapon a player will craft at the start of the game, as it only costs a bundle of wood to make.

Players looking for a more stealthy weapon when sneaking through forests or creeping up on enemies might want to select one of Valheim’s knife options. While knives can also be used to cut down small trees in a pinch, they will degrade quickly, and it can be a waste of the reimgs needed to craft them. Instead it is good to keep a knife handy for the sneak damage bonus they can deal to opponents.

Valheim is available in Early-Access on PC

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