Every Valheim Shield (& How To Craft It)

There are many ways that players can prepare themselves to take on mighty foes in Valheim. A player starts out with nothing more than the shirt on their back when they spawn into the open-world survival game. However, with a bit of work and crafting, it isn’t long before players have a decent weapon and a basic set of armor to protect themselves when out scouting for further reimgs. While armor and weapons are critical in defending against the various foes awaiting Valheim players, it is important not to overlook a solid shield before heading out into the ominous stands of trees.

Valheim players have many choices when selecting their shield. Round shields offer a combat element via parry force and bonus, and tower shields have a substantial boost to defense when they are in use instead of these parry abilities. Players will start out with basic shield options, much like with armor, weapons, and tools, and will have to find rare reimgs in order to craft the stronger types available. Players can also upgrade their shields up to 3 times at the Valheim workbench depending on the shield type.

Playing heavy offense is a tempting tactic for players tackling different biomes in Valheim, or preparing to take on one of the 5 big bosses that drop special reimgs for advanced crafting (especially once they have a decent weapon).  However, putting time into building defense can be a life-saver, and help players avoid an accidental death resulting in the loss of all of their items, weapons, and armor. Building a shield and practicing with it against easier enemies, as well as cooking up a few different Valheim mead recipes to restore health and stamina, is just as important as packing around an upgraded mace or bow.

Below is every round shield in Valheim and what players will need to craft it. Each shield also offers a parry bonus that deals damage to their enemies, as well as durability and weight that players will want to take into account when choosing which option to craft.

Below is the list of different tower shields that Valheim players are able to craft throughout gameplay. The tower shields are different from the round shields, as they don’t offer players a parry force or bonus. Instead, they have a greatly improved block power that is excellent for players using a more defensive combat style. These shields will impact a player’s movement a good deal more than the round shields, however, which can be a drawback to carrying one around.

Crafting any of these shields will help protect a player as they travel through the game and battle bosses and creatures alike. Picking the right shield type is up to a player’s personal combat style in Valheim, and there is a number of options for players to consider as they armor up and prepare to tackle new challenges on their adventure.

Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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