Every Valheim Milestone: How To Know You’re Making Progress

Progression in open world sandbox games can feel vague to players used to quest books and task lists. Valheim offers neither when a player opens a server to start a new world. Without any direction to defer back to while exploring the great wilderness of their Viking world, some players may wonder how they are able to map their progress through the game, and how to know they are meeting the milestones needed to take on the challenges like Valheim’s powerful boss battles.

Finding the progression points in games like Valheim can often be more abstract. Minecraft fans will be familiar with this style of gaming, as milestones are often achieved through the advancement of weapons, armor, bases, and boss battles. Valheim has a very similar structure that players can follow as they go from nothing but their linen shirt and a club as they hunker in the trees to strong armor and a vast stronghold to call home. Progression can also be decided based on what a player’s personal end-game goals might be. A player who wants a sprawling base may focus on design over battling monsters to level skills. A player who wants to max out their skills might have a simple, functional base that is only used as a waypoint between fights.

Milestone progression may also look different in multiplayer vs single-player worlds. A player adventuring alone will have to methodically amass reimgs, build structures, and conquer enemies by themselves. Fighting against the world can feel lonely at times, but it gives players complete control over their save and how it is set up, as well as how each of the five Valheim bosses are tackled and what meads they would like to brew. Playing with friends can allow players to distribute tasks like collecting reimgs or building needed structures. They can also tackle battles with companions, rather than facing down monsters alone. This style of play will change progression and make certain tasks in Valheim easier to accomplish.

Below is a list of optional milestones players can use to measure their progress while playing Valheim. While these objectives may help guide players to their next step when stuck, they don’t necessarily need to be accomplished in any set order, as players can choose to progress in one area more quickly than another. Sometimes taking a break from battling monsters to work on a base in Valheim can be a relaxing reprieve. Some players may want to unlock biomes quickly, rather than wait to level weapons. Milestones will look different for every player and every save, and that is part of the fun of playing sandbox-style games like Valheim.

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