Every Ore In Valheim & Where To Find It

Valheim players will spend much of their time gathering reimgs as they travel through map’s various biomes. From the initial collection of wood, stones and flint to nabbing the rare items dropped by defeated bosses, most items have a purpose that merits sticking them in a chest. An important reimg Valheim players will want to keep an eye out for are the ore veins that can be mined and smelted into different metals for crafting.

Some types of ore are easier to find than others, becoming available fairly soon after the player starts up a Valheim save. Others are in remote regions, requiring good armor and decent mead potions if players hope to survive the harsh climates long enough to do the mining. These hard-to-get ore types are worth the risk, however, as they are used to make some of the best weapons, tools, and armor in the game.

One Valheim reimg that won’t be on the list below is Black Metal. This crafting item is used to make weapons and shields, but it can only be obtained by defeating Fulings that drop Black Metal Scrap. Because the scrap can’t be mined, it isn’t technically an ore. That being said, players will want to take the time to farm and kill Fulings if they want to craft the durable Black Metal gear. Bronze is also not an ore, but it can be made by processing 2 copper and 1 tin in the Forge.

Below is a list of each ore type players can mine in Valheim. The ores appear in different biomes, and most require a pickaxe or iron pickaxe to knock loose.

Each of these ores can be processed either in a furnace or blast furnace to receive the corresponding metal type needed for any project. Like any crafting reimg in Valheim, players will want to have extra of each ore type in storage, just in case they need to craft a replacement tool or weapon quickly. Valheim is a hardcore survival game, and the chance of death on an adventure is high, so having plenty of backup reimgs is never a bad idea.

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