Every New Star Wars Character Squadrons Adds To Disney-Era Canon

Set after Return of the Jedi but long before The Force AwakensStar Wars Squadrons introduces a new cast of characters to the galaxy far, far away. These Star Wars Squadrons characters, new to the Star Wars canon, come in the form of two opposing starfighter squadrons, the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron and the Empire’s Titan Squadron.

With each squadron composed of five pilots (four, not counting the player character), as well as commanding officers and support crew, the game adds more than a dozen characters added to Disney’s Star Wars canon for fans to learn more about. Given Star Wars media’s tendency to reference other entries in the vast franchise, it’s possible some of Squadrons‘ new faces will pop back up in future Star Wars stories.

The following list includes every new character who introduced in Star Wars Squadrons, including all members of both Vanguard Squadron and Titan Squadron.

Ardo Barodai

Ardo hails from Mon Cala, where he lived during the Imperial occupation. Back then, he fronted as a bartender to learn Imperial secrets from careless soldiers, then forwarded the intel to the Rebellion. He rose up the ranks and became Vanguard Squadron’s intelligence chief, often seen discussing risks and tactics with Lindon Javes.

Feresk Tssat, aka “Frisk”

An albino Trandoshan, Frisk never fit in at home. He made his way through the galaxy as a con-artist, faking various trophies and collectables until he ran afoul of an Imperial governor and was marked for death. Evading the Empire’s death mark for years gave Frisk skills the Rebellion considered valuable, and flying under the Rebel Alliance gave Frisk the sanctuary from the Empire he needed – a win-win for both parties.

Gracalia Vatara Sienar, aka “Grace”

Born into a life of luxury, thanks to her family playing a major role in TIE Fighter production for the Empire, Grace fled her home to see the Empire’s cruelty firsthand. Having dodged bounty hunters attempting to bring her home for years, she eventually joined the Rebellion. Since she’s familiar with Imperial ship design, she uses her knowledge to help the New Republic as a member of Vanguard Squadron.

Keo Venzee

Once a professional starfighter racer, Keo found themselves on the bad side of Outer Rim crime syndicates. It was thanks to the kindness of an unnamed stranger that Keo escaped the syndicates in one piece and, in the process, became passionate about the struggle between the Empire and the New Republic. Though they dismiss it as simply having a hunch, Keo is Force-sensitive, often using their gift to make predictions about coming battles – much to the amazement of other Vanguard Squadron pilots.

Kierah Koova, aka “Gunny”

Gunny is a veteran of countless battles, having lost an arm while fighting to free her home world, Mimban, from the Separatists. It wouldn’t be long before she found herself becoming a freedom fighter once again, only this time fighting against the newly formed Galactic Empire. She serves as Vanguard Leader, always leading from the front and eager to train the next generation of pilots.

Lindon Javes

Lindon begins the game as the leader of the Imperial Titan Squadron. It’s in the wake of the destruction of Alderaan, when he is tasked with destroying fleeing Alderaan refugee ships, that he decides to defect to the Rebellion. He quickly rose up the ranks and, after the destruction of the Second Death Star, finds himself put in command of Vanguard Squadron and the New Republic’s secretive Project Starhawk.

Zerelda Sage

Zerelda serves as Vanguard Squadron’s mechanic. Unlike many in her profession, she has a deep mistrust of droids, due to her growing up on a world occupied by the Separatists droid army. After the Clone Wars, she found herself on the podracing circuit, before eventually being recruited by the New Republic.

Havina Vonreg

Havina exists for one purpose: to kill Rebels. Fueled by the death of her two brothers during a Rebel attack and having lost too many squadmates during the Battle of Endor, Havina wants payback as part of Titan Squadron.


LT-514 began life as Obon Yandro. After once being mistaken for an Imperial Intelligence officer, he discovered he had a knack for intelligence work and joined the Empire, where he received cybernetic implants that allow him to analyze data with speed and efficiency. Due to a lack of qualified intelligence officers after the Battle of Endor, LT-514 found himself assigned to the front lines aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Overseer alongside Vanguard Squadron.

Rella Sol

The daughter of two former Imperial senators, Rella has always had a nose for politics. She believes the death of Emperor Palpatine may have paved the way for the Imperial Senate to be reborn and aspires to one day, perhaps, help guide the Empire – not with just her military strength but her mind as a political leader. In the meantime, she finds herself as a member of Titan Squadron, where she serves as a strategist for the squad.


Not much is known about Shen, even to his Titan squadmates. He was once shot down and nearly killed in the ensuing crash, then reconstructed with cybernetics. Shen never removes his battle-damaged helmet and is capable of surviving physical trauma that would kill most pilots. He is fiercely loyal to the Empire, and he wants nothing more than to see the New Republic fall.

Terisa Kerrill

Terisa grew up in the underbelly of Coruscant as an orphan before joining the Empire. Believing the former Republic to have been corrupt, she finds purpose with the Empire as a pilot and is thankful for the opportunities the Imperial Navy gave her towards building a better life. Years after flying under Lindon Javes and witnessing his betrayal first hand, Terisa is promoted to commanding officer of the ISD Overseer and tasked with uncovering the New Republic’s Project Starhawk, in which Lindon Javes is involved.

Varko Grey

Once a police officer, Varko joined the Empire during the Rebellion, seeking to preserve order in the galaxy. He’s survived far longer than even he thought possible, along the way witnessing the deaths of many former comrades. Though he has occasionally questioned the Empire’s methods, he remains convinced the Empire is the best option for a peaceful and stable galaxy, and he fights to restore law as leader of Vanguard Squadron.

Willard Waylen

Willard grew up with a love of Imperial ship design, though he never wanted to be a pilot himself. After graduating from the prestigious Imperial officer school of Arkanis Academy, he trained to become a mechanic and found himself assigned to the ISD Overseer and Star Wars Squadrons Vanguard Squadron.

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