Even Batman Knows Wonder Woman Would Beat Superman

It’s common knowledge that Superman and Wonder Woman are among the most powerful DC beings, virtually unmatched in their strength, speed, and tenacity for justice. However, only one can truly be the strongest and Batman knows the truth. Fans have long debated over which hero would win in a proper fight, but the Dark Knight has his money on Wonder Woman.

The first instance of Batman taking Diana’s side in this debate comes in Justice League of America Vol. 2 #27 by Dwayne McDuffie. Published in 2006, this issue saw the heroes of DC’s trinity having a friendly chat about whether Superman or Wonder Woman is faster. Clark insists he is, but Diana argues otherwise. “Certainly you have an advantage in raw speed,” she says, “but you have to think before you respond. I’m a trained warrior. My reactions are muscle memory.” Superman looks to Batman to back him up, but the Dark Knight actually takes the Amazon’s side. “Who’s faster, Usain Bolt or Bruce Lee?” Batman asks, effectively saying that Superman would beat Wonder Woman in a race, but Diana has the faster reflexes.

Having better reflexes doesn’t necessarily mean Wonder Woman would beat Superman, but Batman has other evidence. In the Injustice comics, which serve as a prequel to the popular video game, there is a flashback in which Bruce tells Clark point-blank he wouldn’t stand a chance against Diana. This scene comes in Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four #10, but takes place long before Superman became a dictator, when Wonder Woman was still a new addition to the Justice League. As she and Clark train, it becomes obvious that he isn’t taking the lessons seriously. Batman berates him, saying, “If the unthinkable ever happens, the Justice League’s only defense against Diana is you. She’s skilled…a warrior born. And you? You’d pull your punches. You’d worry. You don’t have the heart to beat Diana. She’d kill you.” 

Batman’s words sound harsh, but they ring true nonetheless. Superman may have Wonder Woman outclassed in terms of raw power, but not by a large enough margin to make up for their vast difference in combat skill. Bruce also makes a good point about Clark’s personality being a hindrance. Superman tends to believe in the best in people and almost always holds back in a fight, so if he ever had to face Wonder Woman, he’d likely try to hurt her as little as possible. Diana, on the other hand, is a trained killer armed with magical weaponry, which Kryptonians are vulnerable to, and has proved she is Diana can break Superman’s bones. No matter how you slice it, the odds are in Wonder Woman’s favor.

While Diana definitely has an edge over Clark, different circumstances can produce different outcomes, so it’s impossible to say for sure who’d win between Superman or Wonder Woman. There are certainly scenarios where Superman would come out on top, but in Batman’s book, Wonder Woman is the more dangerous of the two – and what Batman says is pretty much law.

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