Elden Ring Trailer Leak Reveals At Least Four Playable Classes

Leaked gameplay footage of FromSoftware’s long-awaited Elden Ring begun circulating online in late February. This followed months of rumors claiming that the high-fantasy-themed Soulsborne title would launch sometime in 2021. The game’s developer has yet to confirm if the trailer in question was a finalized teaser or when it plans on officially unveiling Elden Ring. Still, the leaks have revealed crucial information about the upcoming release’s playable classes.

FromSoftware ditched the traditional RPG class selection in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but it appears to be returning to the tried and tested formula in Elden Ring. At least four classes were showcased in the leaked gameplay trailer, and seeing as Demon’s Souls had 10 classes to choose from, Elden Ring will likely have many more when it launches. The leaked footage didn’t name-drop the game’s character archetypes, but it featured more than enough evidence to speculate on the return of a few Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls classes.

The leaked Elden Ring footage was only around 35 seconds long, but it appears that players will get the ability to choose a class from the offset of the game. That choice will likely dictate their starting stats and equipment, which they can customize to fit their playstyle as they progress through the title’s open-world campaign. Here is a handful of Elden Ring starting classes players should probably expect upon its release.

The Solider was one of the most well-rounded and flexible classes in Demon’s Souls, and it appears that a variant of that class will make a comeback in Elden Ring. An infantryman-like character was seen wielding a scimitar and an angular shield, and they appear to be equipped with leather armor. This class seems specifically built for raw melee combat and likely has weak magical abilities.

The next leaked class for Elden Ring appears to be the return of the heavily-armored Knight from Demon’s Souls. The unnamed character is seen with steel-plated armor, wielding both a lance and magical staff or wand. This could end up being a Paladin class that synergizes melee combat with magical abilities, but it’s too early to tell just yet.

Elden Ring will also include a shadowy Assassin or Rogue character that uses stealth combat. The Thief in Demon’s Souls was all about evading enemy attacks and sneaking up on foes to land a devastating backstab, which resembles the unnamed class seen above.

This character is seen dual-wielding daggers and executing a guard in the leaked trailer, which is highly suggestive of a Thief-like archetype.

Finally, a Mage or Wizard class was showcased, which could be the successor of the Magician character in Demon’s Souls. The Elden Ring variant will have the ability to spawn magical spheres that hover around the Mage until they decided to launch them at opponents, an ability many Dark Souls players will likely remember. Much like the Magician in Demon’s Souls, the leaked class is seen wearing cloth armor, making it more susceptible to damage than the steel-clad knight. That will likely be balanced by its ability to dish out lethal magic damage, but until more is known about Elden Ring it is hard to say for sure.

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