Elden Ring Insider Claims New Info Will Arrive In March

An insider has claimed that more information on Elden Ring is set to be announced sometime in March. Details on the upcoming action RPG from Dark Souls developer FromSoftware and Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin has been sparse ever since the game was announced in 2019. Fans have even gone as far as to create their own fake leaks as a humorous way to bide their time until more information is released.

Apart from the Elden Ring announcement trailer that was released in 2019, not much else has been released for the game so far. While initial concept art for the game’s trailer was shared by an artist who worked on it, it was quickly deleted a day later due to the heated discussions it caused within the community. The artist later clarified that they had no knowledge of the actual game and the concept art was simply for internal use, adding that ideas for a game change during its production.

GamesBeat’s Jeffrey Grubb recently shared in the latest episode of the GB Decides podcast that more information on Elden Ring could potentially come by the end of March, at least according to several of their imgs. While he says he has “confidence” in that information, he clarifies that things could potentially change so it’s possible that any announcements would be pushed to April. Grubb’s co-host, GamesBeat reviews editor Mike Minotti, adds that the game isn’t vaporware and is “happening” and details would be announced soon and it would happen in March based on what’s been shared with them and what they know. Bloomberg video game reporter Jason Schreier also weighed in recently, citing “strong evidence floating around” to indicate that a reveal is coming soon. Despite the murkiness of his imgs, Schreier is confident that the game is in a better state than George R. R. Martin’s other project Winds of Winter, the next Game of Thrones book.

The hosts didn’t share much else about Elden Ring other than they think fans will be happy with what they’ll “end up seeing,” which wouldn’t be surprising considering FromSoftware’s recent track record. The Dark Souls series is still one of the most popular video game franchises and the studio’s last game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, was also a critical and financial success. The award-winning title from 2019 was enjoyed so much by fans that they hope FromSoftware improves on it even further for Elden Ring.

Hopefully, the information Grubb and Minotti have shared ends up being accurate and fans can finally find out more about Elden Ring. With how long fans have waited for the game so far, an announcement is definitely overdue, whether that includes a release date for the game or just more information on its story and gameplay. At this point, any details on Elden Ring would be greatly appreciated.

Source: Jeffrey Grub, Jason Schreier

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